I pray in the Leganes for his duel cupbearer before Andorra


He Leganes has welcomed his crossing with the FC Andorra in the first phase of the Copa del Rey in this new edition in which until the semifinals all the qualifiers are played in a single match. According to sources consulted by AS, south of the capital does not finish liking a match in which the pickles start as favorites, but that will not be easy due to displacement, playing surface and even weather conditions. In Butarque they believe they have not had luck.

The clash will be played on December 17, 18 or 19e (the dates of the 55 matches resulting from this morning's draw are still to be decided) in the Camps de Esports de Prada de Moles, in the parish of Encamp. It is the venue where Andorra, a club owned by the Barca central Gerard Pique, He usually competes his matches.

It is a very small stadium, just capacity for 530 people and of Artificial grassl. Here is the first of the inconveniences that Leganes will encounter. The regulation of the Copa del Rey establishes that "the matches will be held in the sports facilities of the lower category club, provided they meet the minimum requirements established by the RFEF" and, although initially it was considered that the venues could be excluded with artificial grassFinally, it seems that it will be possible to compete in these areas. Synthetic grass will be a problem for the Leganes.

Snow and complicated travel options

So will the weather. The pickles will have to play at a height of 1,300 meters in full Pyrenees and with probabilities that it can snow during the dates in which the match will be played. The snow season in Encamp, where Andorra plays, starts at the beginning of October and ends in May. Today, in fact, the Principality played their league game against Ebro after having had to clear the snowfall stadium that fell the night before.

The trip to Andorra is not easy either and it is promised long. Although in spring it was announced that La Seu d'Urgell airport would begin operating this autumn with commercial flights, it is not yet possible to travel to this town near Andorra by plane, which the most comfortable formulas go through the combination of AVE to Lleida and from there, bus transportation for two hours. After the meeting, and depending on the assigned time, the return will also become complicated and It may be necessary to spend the night in the area before returning to Madrid.

Leganes Coat of Arms / Flag

The only Second B of hype 1

And to all these factors is added the bad fortune that Andorra is, of the ten teams that had participated in the previous rounds of the Cup, the only one from Second B. Those of the Principality bought the place that in summer left the Reus free. If they had not mediated this acquisition, they would now be in Third, category to which they promoted last season. He was, therefore, the most complex rival of that hype.

As an anecdote, this will be the first official match that Leganes will play outside of Spain, although it is a Spanish competition. The pickles were released abroad last season, with the friendly they played in Athens against Olympiacos in preseason. This summer they continued with the preseason duels in Morocco and France.

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