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When looking at the table of results at the beginning of the first sentence, one could regret with the Geneva women. 0:11 led the team of head coach Andreas Vollmer after a few minutes.

Also in the further course of this unilateral starting set nothing changed in the gameplay and on the result board (1:17). Only then did Dora Grozer, Taylor Fricano, Monika Chrtianska, Gabi Schottroff, Megan Cyr and Capitaine Madlaina Matter slow down and the home team scored a few points before the end of the set (13:25).

Sm'Aesch stifles the rearing of the Geneva women

However, the hosts knew how to react and were 8-4 in front at the first technical time-out of the second set, keeping the game balanced until 21:21. But a short final spurt of the guests moved the balance of power straight again, so that this passage went to the Baselbietinnen.

In the third set, the Leader Livia Zaugg, Jazmine White, Luisa Schirmer and young Passeuse Annalea Maeder were now used, repeated the scenario of the starting set. At the second technical time-out the title contender led clearly with 16: 5 and easily got set number three.

It follows the top fight in front of home audience

This will be the final battle against Volley Dudingen (18.00) on Saturday at Super Game Bay in the Aescher LOhrenackerhalle. Before the women's game meet on the occasion of this National League A-Doppelspiels the men of Traktor Basel on table neighbors Lutry-Lavaux (15.00).

Geneve Volley – Sm'Aesch Pfeffingen 0: 3

Sentences: 13:25, 21:25, 10:25

Henry Dunant. – 200 spectators. – SR Dzankovic / Stalder

Geneve: Church, Ndebele, Calvin, Page, Perroud (Libera), De Witt, Gonzales, Cuscetti, K. Berger, Emini, Engelbrecht, Remy.

Sm'Aesch Pfeffingen: Schottroff, Fricano, Matter, Chrtianska, Grozer, Cyr, Saita (Libera); Schirmer, Zaugg, White, Maeder.

Remarks: Sm'Aesch without Saladin (1st league team).

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