LIVE America de Cali vs Deportivo Cali FREE ONLINE Now Foursquare Liga Aguila ((Today November 17)) RCN Channel


The classics are always special, but this series of two does have a lot of play. America and Deportivo Cali know that in their great rivalry a quota can be played for the grand final of the Eagle League. In a very even area, the two teams are matched with three points. The advantage light is scarlet thanks to its best goal difference. The link to watch LIVE America de Cali vs Deportivo Cali ONLINE for FREE finds it below.

However, in the regular phase, Deportivo Cali proved to be superior in hand-to-hand duels. Therefore, he has confidence in snatching a good booty, Sunday afternoon at Pascual Guerrero. As the sauce recites, in the classic Vallecaucano you cannot escape.

Now more than ever, due to the parity that exists in the group and from which the other two teams can take advantage. Santa Fe and Alianza Petrolera will be expectant, knowing that in the classics there are usually many draws. The date starts all with three points, product of their victories at home.

LIVE America de Cali vs Deportivo Cali FREE ONLINE

Day: November 17

Hour: 4:30 pm

Channel: RCN Channel (Click here to view the online signal)

Link: (Click here to follow the match live)

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