Munich: BMW driver raging child (14) dead – for murder in custody


Incredible scenes took place in the night in Munich. A driver crashed into a group of teenagers. That paid a 14-year-old with his life.

  • Dramatic incident in Munich: A motorist raced at night against two teenagers.
  • The police were able to put the 32-year-old driver in West Park.
  • A teenager (14) lost his life.

Update November 17, 10:58 am: The BMW driver, who yesterday (Saturday, November 16) on the run from the police in Munich hit two young people and thus killed a 14-year-old, may be charged with murder. This is currently reported by the Bild newspaper.

It's supposed to be a warrant Murder, attempted murder, assault and endangering road traffic against the 34-year-olds. Police are keeping a lid on the case at the moment. Also, the lawyer of the Rasers, did not want to comment on the events on request.

To image-Information the 32-year-old is already known to the police and Drunk at the time of the accident have been.

Update at 15 o'clock: Terrible new news about the accident on Friday night. As the police announced, a 14-year-old accident victim died at night in a Munich hospital. The accident driver, who escaped from the police and raced through several red traffic lights before the collision, is still undergoing inpatient treatment. Just like the second accident victim, a 16-year-old. On Saturday afternoon, a detention test will be held by the investigating judge in Stadelheim.

The updated press release from the police with further details:

At around 11:10 pm on November 15, a 34-year-old drove out of the district Bad Tolz-Wolfratshausen with a BMW on Landsberger Strabe, There he turned against him. This was a police car patrol crew 41 (Laim), who wanted to stop the car on it. In the stop attempt, the BMW moved so fast that the patrol lost sight of the vehicle within a very short time. They called for support forces.

After the current state of investigation of the BMW on the Furstenrieder road several red lights disregarded to have. At the intersection to Aindorferstrabe several young people wanted to cross the road at the local pedestrian crossing. At that moment, the fleeing BMW and collided with a 14-year-old and a 16-year-old (both from Munich), Both pedestrians were seriously injured. The car then continued its journey.

Another crew member, who had been alerted as part of the radio investigation, saw the injured on the road and the officials immediately began with intensive First aid measures, Since they could not find any vital signs in the 14-year-old, they started one resuscitationthat was resumed by the ambulance service.

Both injured were taken to Munich hospitals where the 14-year-old died around 0.40 clock, On the further escape caused the BMW driver nor a traffic accident in which a car driver was slightly injured. The BMW was attacked by a patrol car crew at the Crossing Inderstorfer Strabe and Furstenrieder Strabe noticed where he slowly rolled out without a driver. The patrol could stop the car.

Immediately extensive investigations were launched for the fugitive driver involving more than 15 streaks. The 34-year-old was around 0:30 clock arrested in the West Park area, He resisted. He had previously been injured by the accident and had to be taken to a hospital where he was still being treated.

During the accident recording the accident area was closed until about 4 o'clock. The Munich traffic police has taken over the investigation to clarify the exact accident. The focus of the now intensively conducted investigation is on the reconstruction of the facts and a review of a possible influence on the driver by drugs or alcohol.

Munich: Car driver races into group of young people – police puts driver after chase

Update from November 16, 2019, 11:43 am: The exact background of the nocturnal incident in Munich is still unclear, but now more details come to light. The impact with the young people had been so violent that the license plate, exterior mirrors and other parts of the car were demolished.

The police therefore can not rule out that the now arrested man wanted to escape by car, since the still rolling car could be stopped by a police patrol car. Due to the oncoming Ghost driver other road users had to avoid the BMW. This crashed a small car head-on against a Litfabsaule, which then threatened to fall over.

Munich: Car driver races into group of young people – police puts driver after chase

First notification of November 16, 2019, 6:42 am: Munich – What exactly happened on Friday evening between 11.30 pm and midnight on the Furstenrieder Strabe in Laim remained initially unclear to the police. It was only clear that in this time a motorist has raced into a group of young people. Two people were injured in the terrible accident at the intersection to Aindorferstrabe.

Munich: motorist races in group of young people – driver escapes on foot

The approximately 30-year-old from the district of Bad TOlz initially fled the scene of the accident. The Bizarre: The man was traveling with his BMW sedan as a ghost driver on the opposite lane to the south. "And at high speed," said a police spokesman at the scene of the accident. The four-lane Furstenrieder Strabe in this area is clearly separated by a planted traffic island.

How many young people belonged to the group that crossed its path was not known at first. At least one of the injured must have crashed into the bonnet of the BMW in the accident, which was completely dented. Also, the air bags have fired in the car. Two actually uninvolved cars tried to avoid the ghost driver at the intersection and came to stand on the roadside. The intersection was strewn with broken glass.

The car of the accident cause could stop the police.

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Munich police snaps motorists – Furstenriederstrabe initially blocked

Many personal belongings of pedestrians, such as hats, lay on the ground. Meanwhile, the accident driver, it was said the first police findings, jumped out of his car and run away. A patrol car could stop the still rolling BMW later and was damaged in the maneuver. At least 40 police officers immediately started the search after the accident. "With success," as the speaker said at night.

The man could be placed about two kilometers away in Westpark. "He too was injured." Why he got into the oncoming lane with his BMW and accelerated there was initially completely unclear. Also, whether he has slowed down in the face of the group of young people. Whether the Bad TOlzer was drunk or drugged, the police could not say in a first statement yet. Furstenrieder Strabe was closed to traffic at around 800 meters.

Munich: Witnesses describe scene – police say

In the neighboring gas station Allguth, the customers and employees have observed the search with dismay. "My first thought: What's going on here?", Said the cashier, who does not want to read his name in the paper. He does not mean that funny. But rather shocked in the face of the unbelievable number of emergency vehicles and their flashing lights that turned night into day.

Already last Saturday (9th of November) there was a serious accident in Munich. A motorcycle collided with a car near the Viktualienmarkt. Now the cause was announced.

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