News of today: Russia returns three Ukrainian naval vessels


The most important news at a glance:

  • Russia returns three Ukrainian naval ships (18:05)
  • Green decide economic program with eco-rules for the market (14.34 clock)
  • Australians are said to have laid bushfire to protect their cannabis plants (11:55 am)
  • Two passenger aircraft at Frankfurt airport collide – nobody injured (10:51 am)
  • Venice is getting ready for another flood (9:32 am)
  • Grune continue Federal party convention in Bielefeld with consultations on climate protection (9.28 am)

The news of the weekend in the star-Ticker:

+++ 18:05: Russia wants to return three Ukrainian naval ships +++

Russia wants to return the three Ukrainian naval ships confiscated a year ago. "According to the agreements made with Ukraine, three Ukrainian ships are towed from the port Kerch to the agreed delivery point," said the border police of the Russian intelligence services of the Russian news agency Interfax. The handover will take place on Monday. The announcement comes shortly after the announcement of a Ukraine summit scheduled for December 9 in Paris.

At the end of November 2018, the Russian Coast Guard had fired and seized three Ukrainian naval vessels in the Kerch Strait between the Black and Sea of ​​Azov. The incident had fueled the conflict between Kiev and Moscow since 2014. Twenty-four Ukrainian crew members arrested during the incident were released as part of a prisoner exchange with Russia in September.

+++ 15:54: Children fish World War II ammunition from the pond +++

Three children have fished several ammunition and projectiles from the Second World War from a pond in Thuringia. The children had kept a strong magnet in the pond in the district WOlfis and were scared about their find, reported the police. When they realized what was on their hook, they called the police.

Officials then locked the location in Ohrdruf near Gotha. The ammunition recovery service was called. People were not hurt. Fund munitions should be left on the spot and the police alerted, the officials warned. They warned against such recreational activities.

+++ 14.40 clock: two killed in protests against gasoline price increase in Iran +++

An increase in gasoline prices has provoked angry protests in Iran. A police officer and a civilian were killed and dozens of people were arrested. Nonetheless, the spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei backed the controversial government decision. The authorities massively restricted Internet access.

+++ 14:34: Green decide economic program with eco-rules for the market +++

The Greens demand a social and ecological transformation of the market economy. As the federal party conference in Bielefeld on Sunday decided, the debt brake for the federal government in the context of EU rules should be relaxed so that the state can invest much more than before. An explicit commitment to the debt brake for the federal states was deleted from the leading motion of the federal executive committee. It was the only vote in which the delegates prevailed against the Federal Board – other conflicts were resolved by changes in the texts.

+++ 14.18 clock: activists in Hong Kong attack police with bow and arrow +++

In Hong Kong, the fronts hardened over the weekend: pro-democracy activists entrenched themselves in a university attacking the police with bows and arrows and homemade slingshots. At the same time, soldiers of the Chinese army stationed in the former British Crown Colony demonstrated in a "subtle" way the power of Beijing.

+++ 11:55: Report: Scholz sets up special unit against tax fraud +++

According to a media report, the Federal Ministry of Finance intends to proceed in future with a specialized unit against large-scale tax fraud, as in the case of "cum-ex" transactions. Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) will set up a special unit with a total of 48 posts at the Federal Central Tax Office, reports the "Welt am Sonntag". For the "Task Force against tax structuring models on the capital market" are estimated expenditure of approximately 21 million euros, which are already planned in the federal budget 2020.

+++ 11.55 clock: Australians should have bushbrand to protect his cannabis plants have +++

A 51-year-old Australian is suspected of having planted a bush fire to protect his cannabis plants, which is then completely out of control. The police said the suspect was brought to a court for arson. He is said to have laid a bush fire in the fire area Ebor in New South Wales on Thursday, because he wanted to protect his cannabis plants by flaring the immediate surrounding area from an otherwise triggered bush fire.

In the fire area Ebor, the flames raged three days later, 10,000 hectares of bushland burned down. In total, more than one million hectares of land have been devastated by the bush fires in Australia over the past few days, killing four people. The authorities assume that the fires were caused in several places by arson.

Devastating Bush Fires: Australian Authorities Call Highest Warning Level

+++ 11.50 Clock: Ex-military chief Rajapaksa wins presidential election in Sri Lanka +++

Sri Lanka's former military chief Gotabaya Rajapaksa emerged victorious from the presidential election. He received after counting all votes 52.25 percent, as the election commission announced. Sajith Premadasa of the governing party UNP came to 41.99 percent.

+++ 11.26 clock: snow chaos in South Tyrol – storms throughout Italy +++

Storm, snow and constant rain: storms have swept across much of Italy. In South Tyrol, snow chaos prevailed. The Brenner motorway was closed between Bressanone and Vipiteno due to heavy snowfall, announced the traffic control center. In Martell an avalanche had gone off, some houses had been damaged, but probably do not give injuries, reported the TV station Rai Sudtirol. "Today, there is a large avalanche danger level 4 in the greater part of South Tyrol," explained national meteorologist Dieter Peterlin on Twitter.

+++ 10:51 clock: two passenger aircraft at Frankfurt airport collided – Nobody injured +++

At Frankfurt airport, two passenger aircraft collided on Saturday evening. No one was injured in the incident around 6 pm, a spokeswoman for Fraport said. The overall flight operations had not been disturbed by the collision of the machines of Korean Air and Air Namibia. The airmen had collided after landing because of unexplained cause. The Federal Bureau of Aircraft Examination took up the investigation (BFU) on the accident and the cause.

Both machines were damaged: According to initial findings, one aircraft was damaged on the wing, the other on the tailplane, as a spokesman for the BFU AFP said. At the present time, nothing can be said about the severity of the damage and the cause of the accident. For this, numerous data would have to be evaluated, such as the flight recorder of the machines, the testimonies of the pilots, the radio conversations and weather information.

+++ 10.09 am: More than 50,000 supporters for Taiwan's recognition petition +++

According to a "Spiegel" report, the Federal Government must publicly declare its Taiwan policy. A petition to the Bundestag calling for diplomatic recognition of the island claimed by China has taken the hurdle from 50,000 supporters, reports the magazine. In order not to snub China and the federal government, the Petitions Committee of the Bundestag had initially prohibited the publication of the petition. A public hearing is now scheduled for 9 December.

+++ 9.32 am: Venice is getting ready for another flooding +++

In the flooded Venice, the masses of water threaten to rise again. According to the city authorities, the water level should be 1.60 meters by noon. On Saturday, the civil protection authority lowered the interim "Red alert" for the Veneto region to "Orange". The midday flood was only 1.05 meters. Now threatens the third tidal wave within a week.

+++ 9.28 Clock: Green continue federal party conference in Bielefeld with consultations on climate change +++

The Greens continued their federal party conference in Bielefeld with consultations on climate protection. A leading motion of the Federal Executive Board provides for a much higher amount for entry into CO2 pricing than the Federal Government plans. The federal board proposes a start with 40 euros, the grand coalition only ten euros. There are from the ranks of the Greens but also over the 40 Euro going beyond claims.

+++ 7.40 am: Belarus elects a parliament +++

In Belarus, citizens are called to vote for a new parliament. 110 MPs can appoint voters. Critics of the government, however, have no free choice, as the main opposition leaders and the only two opposition politicians in the current parliament were excluded from the polls. The former Soviet republic has been governed since 1994 by the now 65-year-old President Alexander Lukashenko, who is referred to as "Europe's last dictator".

+++ 5:51 am: Prince Andrew categorically rejects allegations of suspected abuse victims +++

The British Prince Andrew has categorically rejected allegations made by a woman who has made allegations of abuse in the context of the Epstein affair. "I have no memory whatsoever of ever having met this lady," Andrew told the BBC Saturday, starring Virginia Giuffre, who, in his own words, abused for years by US millionaire Jeffrey Epstein and sex with his wealthy friends – including Prince Andrew – was forced.

This was the first time that the 59-year-old prince had spoken in an interview about his relationship with Epstein, who committed suicide in his prison cell in August. The US multimillionaire is said to have sexually abused underage girls and young women for years and instigated prostitution. He had good contacts to numerous politicians and celebrities.

+++ 3.27 clock: alleged affair of Boris Johnson feels "humiliated" +++

A few weeks before the British general election, US entrepreneur Jennifer Arcuri has expressed emotional concerns about a suspected affair with Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The politician left her "heartbroken" and "humiliated," Arcuri told British television broadcaster ITV, a US citizen at the center of a suspected conflict of interest dating back to Johnson's time as mayor of London.

According to the Sunday Times, Johnson is said to have had an affair with Arcuri. Arcuri said in the ITV interview, which was published in excerpts in advance, she feels treated by Johnson as "a fleeting one-night stand". The prime minister had rejected their requests "for advice" after the scandal became known in September.

News from Saturday, November 16th

+++ 20.49 clock: 29-year-old falls in Austria 400 meters in the death +++

A 29-year-old hiker crashed down about 400 meters in Vorarlberg, Austria, and died. As the police announced, the man lost his balance just before the summit of the Kleiner Widderstein near the German-Austrian border and crashed through a rocky trough. His companion, 26, immediately contacted the emergency services, who only noticed the 29-year-old's death.

In Austria, a hiker has fallen into the depths (symbol)

In Austria, a hiker has fallen into the depths (symbol)

+++ 19:46: parliamentary elections without opposition candidates in Belarus +++

In Belarus, a new parliament will be elected on Sunday. Citizens are called to vote by 110 MPs. Critics of the government, however, have no free choice, as the main opposition leaders and the only two opposition politicians in the current parliament were excluded from the polls.

+++ 18:56 clock: More than 200,000 Czechs call for resignation of Prime Minister Babis +++

More than 200,000 Czechs called for the resignation of Prime Minister Andrej Babis during a demonstration in Prague. One day before the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, which ended communist rule in Prague, people gathered in the capital and shouted "shame" and "kick back!". The billionaire Babis, who has created a media and industry empire in the Czech Republic, is leading a minority government that is tolerated by the communists in parliament. He is suspected of having unjustly pocketed EU subsidies worth millions with his company Agrofert. While rejecting the allegations, the EU Commission also sees a possible conflict of interest between his function as a politician and as an entrepreneur.

+++ 17.45 clock: Next no all-clear for the flooded Venice +++

For the flooded Venice, there is still no all-clear: On Saturday there was still the risk of flooding and strong winds. Nevertheless, the civil protection authority lowered the interim "red alert" for the Veneto region back to "orange". The noon high water was only 1.05 meters. For Sunday, however, a rise to 1.60 meters was again predicted.

+++ 16:51: After the onset of winter still thousands without electricity in France +++

After heavy snowfalls, there were still thousands of people without electricity in France. In the Departements Drôme, Isere, Rhône, Loire and Ardeche had affected on Saturday afternoon 145,000 households, said the network operator Enedis. Many technicians are on duty to repair the power lines.

On Thursday evening, a onset of winter in the east and center of France had caused chaos. At times, more than 300,000 households were without electricity. A man was killed by a tree overturning under the snow load. Numerous roads were closed because of snow and slippery. In some regions the schools remained closed. The train service in the region was also partially interrupted.

+++ 15.12 clock: alleged IS follower after deportation in custody +++

A suspected IS supporter is on remand after being deported from Turkey to Germany. Officials of the Hessisches Landeskriminalamt had arrested her on Friday evening in Frankfurt / Main. An investigating judge of the Federal High Court (BGH) issued on Saturday at the request of the federal prosecutor's warrant for the urgent suspicion of membership in the foreign terrorist organization Islamic State (IS) and other crimes, as the prosecution announced. Overall, two women deported from Turkey arrived on Friday evening with a scheduled flight in Frankfurt.

+++ 14:43: Aiwanger remains federal chairman of the Free Voters +++

The Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs Hubert Aiwanger remains Federal Chairman of the Free Voters. A federal assembly confirmed Aiwanger at the regular Saturday elections with 94.3 percent of the vote for another two years, the Free Voters said. Aiwanger had no opponent.

+++ 14:43: Employees in the first half of the year with almost one billion overtime +++

In the first half of 2019, employees in Germany spent nearly one billion overtime – more than half of which was unpaid. This emerges from the response of the Federal Ministry of Labor to a request from the Left Bundestag faction, about which the editorial network Germany (RND) reported.

+++ 14:43 clock: Baerbock and Habeck re-elected as Greens boss +++

Greens leaders Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck have been confirmed with top results in their posts. Baerbock received at the party conference on Saturday in Bielefeld 97.1 percent, this is the best result so far in a Green Party election. Habeck was re-elected with 90.4 percent for two years. Both lead the party since January 2018.

In their application speeches, Baerbock and Habeck emphasized the need for the Greens to take over government responsibility after the next federal election. Baerbock said in her application speech, "We need to create broader alliances, and not just those who tick like us." Habeck emphasized: "We are no longer a citizen movement, we are a political force that has the task to design."

+++ 14:27: British police checks fraud allegations before parliamentary election +++

Before the general election in the UK, the police investigate allegations of fraud: they have been reported two cases of electoral fraud and misconduct in connection with the upcoming parliamentary election, the London police said. The allegations would be examined by special investigators. Details did not make the police.

Brexit leader Nigel Farage had previously blamed Prime Minister Boris Johnson for "the worst level of corruption". Candidates of his party were offered jobs and titles of nobility if they withdrew their candidacy in the election on 12 December. Government officials, including Johnson's chief adviser Edward Lister, have contacted at least eight candidates to discuss these offers.

+++ 14:24: Federal Interior Ministry: Mietendeckel violates the Basic Law +++

According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the rental cover planned by the Berlin Senate violates the Basic Law. The state of Berlin is "prevented under competence law" to pass laws on rent limitation, writes the Ministry of the Interior in an email to the Berlin CDU member of parliament Kai Wegner.

The reason: The rental price limit has already been "comprehensively and finally regulated" by the federal government. Such decisions of the competent federal legislator should not be "distorted" by individual decisions of a country. The "Berliner Morgenpost" had first reported about it.

+++ 11:51: After terrorist attack in Halle: "Kiez-Doner" given to employees +++

The snack bar "Kiez-DOner", one of the crime scenes in the extreme right-wing terrorist attack in Halle, will in future belong to the employees who worked there during the attack. The former operator Izzet Cagac presented the brothers Ismet and Rifat Tekin with a corresponding gift and assignment agreement at the official reopening on Saturday. "I wish my successors a lot of strength to deal with the terrible event of 09.10.2019 and many customers of different cultures and religions," says the letter.

The previous operator Izzet Cagac with the new owner of the "Kiez-Doner", Ismet Tekin

Izzet Cagac, the former operator of the "Kiez-DOner" snack bar, will keep the gift and assignment agreement with the new operator Ismet Tekin (r.) At the reopening.

At the handover, the Prime Minister of Saxony-Anhalt Reiner Haseloff (CDU) emphasized the importance of the restart. Among other things, the bistro is part of the cultural identity of the city among students. The University of Halle is close to the snack bar.

Just over five weeks ago, a heavily armed man attempted to massacre in a synagogue. He failed at a locked door and shot in front of the church a random passing woman and shortly thereafter a man in the nearby DOnerladen. The perpetrator was later arrested and admitted an anti-Semitic and right-wing extremist motive.

+++ 11:28: A dead in protest against gasoline rationing in Iran +++

At least one person died in protests against gasoline rationing in southern Iran. This was announced by the spokesman of the municipality Sirdschan, Mahmud Mahmudabadi. Several people were injured. Dozens of demonstrators tried to set fire to gas stations and oil depots on Friday, Mahmudabadi said, according to news agency Isna. The police and even the Revolutionary Guards would have had to intervene, the spokesman said.

+++ 11:13: ARD and ZDF network from Monday their libraries +++

If you use the media libraries of ARD and ZDF in your browser as of this Monday, you will be linked to the other offer. "From 12:00 pm on Monday, 18 November 2019, both broadcasters will link the livestreams of their main programs to their media libraries, as well as network core content," the two public broadcasters said. Who in the future "Tagesschau" ZDF search, will be directed to the ARD, conversely, the same work for the ZDF "heute-show" at the ARD.

+++ 10.50 clock: Housing criticized Green decision on expropriations +++

The housing industry has criticized the decision of the Green party congress to expropriate real estate companies, if necessary. A "too frivolous dealing with the issue of expropriation" undermines confidence in the state, which often does too little to eliminate grievances, said the President of the Housing Industry GdW, Axel Gedaschko, the newspapers of the spark media group. The state should not seek the path of least resistance on the basis of its own negligence. The Greens had decided on Friday evening their attitude to rent and housing policy. If owners of building land did not build apartments, "in the final analysis an expropriation against compensation can stand", so the party congress decision.

+++ 10:48: Athens police pull together strong units – fear of riots +++

For fear of riots on the 46th anniversary of the student uprising against the former Greek military dictatorship, the Athens police mobilized more than 5,000 officials on Sunday. Autonomous and Anarchists are planning to bring the city center into chaos, as the State Broadcasting Corporation (ERT) reported on Saturday. On 17 November, similar to May 1 in Germany, there will be riots in addition to commemorative events in Greece.

+++ 8.45 am: Twitter limits the targeted distribution of tweets to social topics +++

Twitter limits how fine-tuned individual user groups can be specifically addressed with messages on social issues. In the future, it will no longer be possible to display tweets, such as social justice or environmental protection, as ads to users in certain postcode areas. When choosing the target categories you will not be able to use terms like "conservatives" or "liberals", as Twitter announced on Friday.

+++ 6:52: Bolivia's transitional president threatens Morales on return with consequences +++

In Bolivia, the situation is escalating between supporters of exiled former President Evo Morales and the interim government of Jeanine Anez. Anez threatened the leftist Morales in the event of a return with legal consequences. Meanwhile, in violent clashes in central Bolivia, five Morales supporters have been killed.

+++ 6:31 clock: Digital pact funds for the schools drip so far only +++

Half a year after the billions of dollars in the "Digital Pact School" came into effect, money for the schools has so far been flowing slowly. This has resulted in a survey of the German Press Agency in all 16 federal states. Accordingly, of the 5.5 billion euros for the equipment with school-owned WLAN, new laptops or digital boards – so-called smartboards – so far around 500,000 euros were retrieved. Only in Bremen, Hamburg and Saxony so far money has flowed.

+++ 6:04 clock: Federal government warns of consequences of climate change for fish populations +++

The Federal Government warns of the effects of climate change on fish populations in the tropics and thus the food basis of the people living there. "It can be assumed that fish populations are moving in the direction of the poles, so that in the tropics with the local extinction of species is to be reckoned," says a government response to a request from the Greens, which is the AFP news agency.

+++ 5:26 clock: Israel's army flies after rocket attacks from Gaza Strip new air strikes +++

In response to renewed missile strikes from the Gaza Strip, the Israeli Air Force has flown new airstrikes on the Palestinian territory. In contrast to the previous attacks this week, the attacks did not target positions of the Palestinian militia Islamic Jihad, but those of the Gaza Strip's radical Islamic Hamas, the Israeli army said. Actually since Thursday morning a truce applies.

+++ 5.19 am: Comparison Portals: Electricity prices increase by more than five percent +++

Electricity customers in Germany are facing a wave of price increases. According to the comparison portals Verivox and Check24, some 170 companies have already announced that they will raise prices for private consumers on 1 January. According to Verivox, 177 local electricity providers want to increase their prices by an average of 5.4 percent. A model household with a consumption of 4000 kilowatt hours would have to reckon with additional costs of an average of 67 euros per year in the regions affected by the electricity price increases.

+++ 5.05 clock: Baerbock and Habeck before re-election as a green double tip +++

Green leaders Robert Habeck and Annalena Baerbock will stand for re-election on Saturday at the Green Party Congress (starting at 9.30 am). Counter-candidates could theoretically still report – but have little chance. The leading duo is largely unchallenged in the party.

+++ 2.54 clock: Suspected shooter died after shots at US school +++

One day after fatal shootings at a California school, the alleged shooter succumbed to his injuries. The 16-year-old student, who himself had been shot in the head after the bloody murder at the Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, had died on Friday in the hospital, reported US media with reference to the authorities.

The shooter had opened fire on Thursday at his school near Los Angeles and shot two classmates. The dead were, according to the police, a 15-year-old and a 14-year-olds. Three more students were injured.

+++ 1.34 clock: Two women landed after deportation from Turkey in Frankfurt +++

After being deported from Turkey, two alleged IS supporters arrived in Germany. The two women arrived on Friday evening against 21.34 o'clock with a Turkish Linienmaschine in Frankfurt, said a spokesman for the Federal Police. They have been subjected to an entry check. The further course of action lies in the hands of the federal and state security authorities. From security circles it was said that officials of the Federal Criminal Police Office had been on board.

A message from the private Turkish news agency DHA previously mentioned "foreign terrorist fighters" with German citizenship. Thus, this week, Turkey has deported a total of nine people to Germany, which they described as alleged supporters of the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS) and Islamists. On Thursday, Turkey had already deported a German-Iraqi family to Berlin.

+++ 0.28 clock: Execution in Texas for the time being stopped – doubt of guilt +++

In a spectacular crime case in the US, a court in the state of Texas has halted the planned execution of a convicted murderer for the time being. That said, the organization Innocence Project, representing the afflicted Rodney Reed, Friday night (local time) with. Protesters had demanded on Wednesday in Bastrop, Texas, the release and a new procedure for the 51-year-olds. Politicians, celebrities – including reality star Kim Kardashian – and the EU ambassador to the US had also joined the case. A petition recorded more than 2.9 million signatures.

According to Innocence Project, Rodney Reed has been on death row since 1998 because of the murder of a young woman in 1996. He should have been executed next Wednesday.

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