PHOTOS: They discover a three-horned deer in the US


A former state legislator came across the rare specimen while hiking through a forest in the state of Michigan.

Steve Lindberg, a former legislator from the state of Michigan (USA) who is fond of hiking, was fortunate to cross a three-horned deer specimen and take several photographs. "This is probably a case among a million," according to the opinion of veterinarian Steve Edwards.

The man was walking through a forest on the upper peninsula of Michigan when he saw the animal. This is "a male with three antlers, nine or twelve points," describes Lindberg, who does not remember seeing a deer of these characteristics before.

The doubts about the authenticity of the photos were not made wait after its publication in the ex-legislator's personal account on Facebook, so he decided to add one more in which the animal is seen from another angle.

The veterinarian, meanwhile, added that the deer is healthy and explained that the presence of a third horn could be the result of a mutation from when it was an embryo.

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