Sarah Michelle Gellar in a miniseries of the Fox


Already announced in the casting of the series "Other People's Houses", Sarah Michelle Gellar should doubly work with the Fox since it will also carry the miniseries "Sometimes I Lie" in which she will play a woman in a coma.

What if 2020 was Sarah Michelle Gellar's year? Unfortunately, after the end of Buffy against the vampires in 2003, the actress did not really chained the successes. A dozen films in the cinema and appearances in series or at the head of show that have often been entitled to one season. However, the actress and producer could resume the hair of the beast in the coming months. Last summer, we announced you his return with the series Other People's Houses, that must broadcast Fox. Today we learn (via TV Line) that the American channel will give him double confidence by welcoming him on a titled mini-series Sometimes I Lie.

Sarah Michelle Gellar in coma for the Fox

From Alice Feeney's eponymous novel, the series will feature Sarah Michelle Gellar as Amber Reynolds, a woman in a coma but still conscious. Unable to move, open her eyes or speak, she still hears what's going on around her. A terrifying situation that should be special to play. However, it will not be content to remain motionless since via flashbacks Amber will return to his life and try to understand what caused his condition. So we are told that the series will alternate between the present and the past.

As Other People's House, Sometimes I Lie is onlyat the beginning of his production. We hope, however, that the development of these two series will be fast enough and without pitfalls so that we can find Sarah Michelle Gellar as soon as possible. We hope for the year 2020, but no date has yet been communicated for these two series.

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