Super-Banco for a Sales team!


Tuesday, November 12, 2019, at the sales hall, a hundred people participated in the recording of the program of France Inter, the Game of 1,000 €.

The four candidates behind Nicolas Stoufflet and Yann Pailleret
The four candidates behind Nicolas Stoufflet and Yann Pailleret

Looking forward to meet the facilitator Nicolas Stoufflet and his accomplice Yann Pailleret, some were there well before the hour.

It must be said that the oldest game of the French radio landscape still broadcast on the airwaves. France Inter (first broadcast on April 19, 1958) is also the most listened show with 15.6% of market share.

You have to know how to be patient to obtain a registration in the commune, underlines Christine Fessard, mayor during the previous mandate. We made the request in 2012! "

White, blue and red questions

At the appointed hour, a first series of questions retains about twenty volunteers. The selections continue among them until only four candidates remain.

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The recording of both programs can then begin. The candidates first draw the six red questions they will have to answer: three blue, two white, one red. The questions are sent by the listeners, but it is the production team that ranks them according to their level of difficulty.

Encouraged by an enthusiastic public, the first pair, Tiphaine Lecorolere and Étienne Rublon, gets well from the first questions but falls on the Banco.

Perhaps more benefited by the draw of questions, the second pair composed of Bertrand Burlaud and Gerard Dugny happily pass the course and successfully tries the Super Banco which allows them to share the € 1,000.

The shows recorded at the Sales will be broadcast one Monday, November 25, the other Tuesday, November 26 at 12:45 on the air. France Inter.

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