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The bad weather situation: alert in 11 regions. Road closures and weather forecasts

Italy is still affected by a very strong wave of bad weather. It continues to rain with a situation that is becoming more and more alarming in different regions: for Sunday 17 November thecivil protection alert is for 10 regions with 8 in orange alert and 3 with red alert. The greatest danger, namely the red alert is for the Piave area in Veneto, the Livenza area in Friuli Venezia Giulia and the Ferrarese area in Emilia Romagna. The orange alert for: the rest of Friuli Venezia Giulia; the province of Bolzano; different sectors of Veneto; the rest of Emilia Romagna; Tuscany; Umbria and Lazio.

The danger is due to the hydrogeological risk, there are fears of floods, flooding of rivers and landslides. So much so that today an extraordinary Ministerial meeting will be held to assess the states of emergency in different regions.

Bad weather, regions and situations most at risk

The advice in these hours of intense bad weather is to avoid traveling unless absolutely necessary. In several regions, in fact, they are experiencing very difficult and risky situations and it is appropriate not to expose themselves to dangers, not to hinder the work of the fire brigade and of the Civil Protection.

In Trentino in Vipiteno the fall of some trees on the Brenner motorway hit a medium-voltage cable interrupting the railway line. Both the railway and the motorway have been closed. The work of the technicians this morning allowed the partial reopening of the railway line which remains closed in Val Pusteria and Val Venosta. We travel on the A22 but closed the section between Vipiteno and Bressanone. Significant inconveniences and long queues. The call from Bolzano is not to travel if it is not essential. In the province of Bolzano, meanwhile, it snows and in the Martello Valley an avalanche struck homes this morning, fortunately without victims, but with serious inconvenience to the population.

Monitored very carefully the Arno than in Florence continues to grow, causing great concern. After a night of intense rains and very strong winds today at 13.00 the river was 4.80 meters a little less than the level two of alarm set at 5.50 meters. Numerous Florentines and tourists overlooked the bridges overlooking the river, lining the limit of the banks at some points in the city. There are fears for Pisa in the evening when the Arno flood will arrive there. Meanwhile in Tuscany in the province of Grosseto the Albenga river flooded the countryside, and in Cecina the river broke its banks pouring into fields and woods and as a precaution 500 people were evacuated. The Sieve was also flooded at Ponte a Vico with the closure of several roads.

In Veneto the situation is still very worrying. TO Venice the sirocco continues to blow: the flood today has reached 155 cm and San Marco has been closed again, the ferries with such high water do not start and many shops, those not damaged by the tide of the last few days, are closed. The situation of the river also worries Piave in the province of Treviso and the other river basins in particular the Livenza and Brenta levels.

Also in Emilia Romagna the level of the river Reno in the provinces of Ravenna, Bologna and Ferrara is of great concern. Red alert for the danger of flooding: risk in Casalecchio where the flood will arrive in the afternoon and in the evening in Cento. Numerous people were evacuated as a precaution and roads closed.

Very serious situation even in the Lazio and Rome. During the night the heavy rains and the winds caused many damages and fall of trees. Many of the roads closed mainly in the northern quadrant of the city between Monteverde and Prati Fiscali because of the trees on the road and the underpass of Via Gregorio VII is closed due to flooding. Also in province of Rome there are many problems: landslide in Cesano, flooding on the Aurelia above all in Civitavecchia and Fiumicino. Dozens of trees crashed to the ground in the Castelli area. Last night, due to the fall of a tree in Albano Laziale, a young man aboard his car was seriously injured. And for the Civil Protection yellow alert for the next 36 hours on Lazio and Rome

Weather forecast today and next days

The forecast unfortunately they are not encouraging for next week. As early as Monday, November 18, a new cyclone will hit Italy at least until mid-week when we will finally have a little break, but it will only be a truce because at the weekend bad weather will once again be the protagonist in Italy. Meanwhile for the ogg daythunderstorms are expected especially in the South, in Campania and in Calabria, and on the Tyrrhenian regions, Lazio and Tuscany, while in the North East the situation should be improved during the day.

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