Vettel and Leclerc cling and offer third place in Verstappen


Vettel and Leclerc – © Twitter – F1

This Sunday was the penultimate round of the Formula One season on the Interlagos track in Brazil. The drivers were not left at the level of the show.

The duel between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton drew all eyes, which may have made the Ferrari drivers jealous. In the 66th round of the Brazilian race, while the safety car had just retired, Charles Leclerc overflowed Sebastian Vettel. The German wanted to fight back, but the two red cars hit just before braking.

Abandonment for Leclerc and Vettel. Consequence: Verstappen, winner of the race, moved to third overall behind Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas … but ahead of Leclerc and Vettel.

The 2019 season will end in two weeks on the Abu Dhabi route.

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