Why this Carlos Sainz podium is historic, number 100 for Spain


We had to wait a while after the race, but it's official. Carlos Sainz He has achieved in the Brazilian Grand Prix the first podium of his life in the Formula 1. A huge deed not only for achieving it, but also for how. A spectacular comeback from the twentieth place to the third in possibly the best race of a driver this season. This third place represents an important milestone for Spain in the great circus. The 100th podium. And the first since July 27, 2014 when Fernando Alonso He got second place in the Hungarian Grand Prix.

At 25 years old, and in a McLaren. Who was going to tell him that this complicated 2019 was going to add his first podium, and starting from the last position. A feat that only seven drivers can say. Whitehead in France 1950, Barrichello in Canada 2005, Montoya in Germany 2005, Raikkonen in Bahrain 2006, Trulli in Australia 2009, Vettel in Abu Dhabi 2012, Hamilton in Hungary 2014 and again Vettel in Germany 2019. The vast majority with much higher cars to MCL34. The Madrid sneaks among the greats and demonstrates the impressive future that lies ahead. He is a potential race winner and possible candidate for the title in a couple of years if the machine allows it.

After a great management of his tires and a great McLaren strategy, the final incidents gave him the impetus to close a historic podium. He first took advantage of an accident between Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc when they were fourth and fifth, with 6 laps left. Carlos climbed to the fifth. After that, a new incident between Hamilton and Albon in the final lap left the Spaniard in fourth place. The FIA ​​would sanction the English with five seconds for that clash and the Spanish would achieve his first podium in F1.

The 100 podiums

Spain is already 100 years old in Formula 1. With the Carlos Sainz podium, our country has 100 podiums in the maximum racing competition. The biggest culprit of this achievement has been Fernando Alonso with his podiums and triumphs in Renault, McLaren and Ferrari. 97 adds the Asturian.

The next one that appears on the list is Pedro Martinez de la Rosa. The one from Barcelona also did it with McLaren. In the Hungarian Grand Prix of 2006. A totally unexpected achievement as he made the jump to starting driver after the team called him to replace Juan Pablo Montoya who had just left him to go to NASCAR.

Perhaps the most unknown to Formula 1 fans is the podium achieved by Alfonso de Portago. He participated in five great prizes, always in the Ferrari team, debuting on July 1, 1956 in France, and achieved a total of 4 championship points. He achieved his best result in the Great Prize of the United Kingdom of 1956, a second place.

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