a civilian killed in the aftermath of an attack


Violence does not stop
not in Syria. Eight years after the beginning of the conflict on the territory and its
370,000 victims, a civilian has lost his life Sunday, November 17 at Al-Bab, at a
hour drive from Aleppo, controlled by pro-Ankara forces.

He was killed during
clashes between protesters and police, after the arrest of a suspect
of a murderous attack committed the day before, according to information from the Observatory
Syria Human Rights (OSDH).

19 people, 13 of whom
were shot dead on Saturday, November 16 in a car bombing
trapped in the same Syrian town. "The local police in the city stopped
in the night of Saturday to Sunday a suspect, after checking the cameras of
on the scene, and took him to his HQ for delivery to
the Turkish army, "reported Rami Abdel Rahmane, director of the OSDH,
AFP. The attack, however, did not not claimed.

Theater of violence

This event caused
the anger of the people. Several hundred people surrendered
in front of police headquarters to protest. Some have tried to penetrate
the force in the building so that the suspect is executed in their city. For
dispersing the locals, the police fired in the air which resulted in the death of a
and injured another, according to the Observatory.

Turkey immediately
accused on Saturday, November 16, the main Syrian Kurdish militia (YPG) to be the
main cause of the attack, which she calls elsewhere of
On Twitter, the Turkish Ministry of Defense has declared
arresting the author of the attack on Sunday 17 November.

The inhabitants of Al-Bab
are tragically affected by the many events who conspire in this
northern city of the territory. Theater of violence and formerly stronghold of the group Islamic State jihadist, the city was recovered two years ago by the
Turkish forces helped by Syrian auxiliaries, as explained by the Observatory.

If the Islamic State has been
defeated in March
in his last stronghold in Syria, the group has since moved into
clandestine organization, organizing deadly attacks in several
regions of the country.

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