Coupe de France (7th round): FC Rouen at the end of the suspense


The ramparts of Gravelines protected the city from the assaults in the Middle Ages and, once again, allowed the Gravelinois to resist the onslaughts of Rouen for 94 minutes. Fortunately, Sahloune lurked to propel the ball deep into the net after a header from Barthelemy pushed back by the amount (2-2, 90 +4). At the end of the additional time, Rouen equalized and offered himself the right to dispute the extension. Samba Diop finally released his family by being on the lookout at the far post at the reception of a center of Ouadah (2-3, 100th). But it was hard.

Accustomed to scare his supporters (including fifty were present yesterday) in the Coupe de France playing a half-time or more outnumbered in the previous three rounds, FC Rouen this time had to whip for 120 minutes to snatch his qualification. However, after a good start and several opportunities (3rd, 13th, 16th), the FCR was able to materialize its domination by opening the score of Sainte-Luce (0-1, 30th). The attacker saw his turn deflected by a defender but the ball ended at the back of the net.

Rouen was launched? No, the Normans were going out for five minutes. Sufficient time to offer two goals to Gravelines. Nhanga Joveta played the defense and adjusted Monteiro (1-1, 31st). Then Vereecque, the captain of the premises, took the same Monteiro against a penalty (2-1, 34th) to turn in the lead at the break.

"That's the Coupe de France. We make a good start. But we fell asleep and we give them two goalsDavid Giguel, the Rouen coach, was scolding. There was a mental relaxation. This empty passage could have cost us the qualification but this group has resources and proves it every weekend. "

Rouen does
the Samba

The Red Devils ran after the score and sieved the surface of Gravelines. The opportunities were chained but the frame escaped (51st, 56th, 61st, 72nd, 90th +3) or the goalkeeper interposed (50th, 64th, 85th, 90th +2).

Especially, Lemaire, the defender of the USG, saved on the line a shot Diop who had dribbled Carbonnier (89). The spell seemed sealed. Barthelemy's head touched the post … but Sahloune rose and leveled before Diop saved his. "I know that Abdel (Ouadah-) put good balloons. The ball comes to the far post and I score, it's good for me and especially for the teamsaid the victorious striker. We retain the qualification and the resources that we put. " It was therefore with the snatch and the courage that the RCF joined the 8th round. The Rouennais had not known since December 2017 and the reception of Chartres (2-0 defeat).

The draw for the 8th round will take place
this Wednesday, November 20 from 14 pm at the Stade de France.


Referee: Mr. Akbar. Spectators: 800 approximately.

Goals for Gravelines: Nhanga (31st), Vereecque (34th sp);

for Rouen: Sainte-Luce (30th), Sahloune (90th +4), Diop (100th).

Warnings in Gravelines: Pelc (51st), Vereecque (77th), Lemaire (105th); at Rouen : Ouadah (59th), Diop (90th +5), Dembi (94th), Benzia (108th).

GRAVELINES: Carbonnier – Lemaire, Pelc, Decae, Leblanc – Berly (Fasquell, 82nd) ​​Verstraet (Bomy, 86th), Vereecque (cape), Dupon (Drablia, 106th) – Nhanga Joveta, Merlen (Canoen, 82nd).

Coach: Djezon Boutoille.

FC ROUEN: Monteiro – Ouadah, Burel (cape), Sanson (Diarra, 75th), Bassin – Benzia, Dembi – Sainte – Luce, Sahloune (Gonel, 97th) Nchobi (Barthelemy, 66th) – Mendes (Diop, 62nd).

Coach: David Giguel.

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