Dashcam films deadly crash: Munich Raser relocated to psychiatry


On the run from the police, a motorist rushes through red traffic lights in Munich's city center at full speed – killing a 14-year-old. Now he comes to a psychiatric hospital.
The 34-year-old motorist, who drove into a group of young people during his escape from the police in Munich, has been transferred to a psychiatric hospital. This was confirmed by a police spokesman. He gave no reasons for the reasons for the transfer.

The driver had captured two teenagers on Friday evening, a 14-year-old died, a 16-year-old was seriously injured. Two other adolescents aged 15 and 16 remained uninjured. According to initial findings, the group of four had crossed a street in Green when the 34-year-old rushed towards them. During his escape from a police check, he was said to have driven up to 100 kilometers per hour through the city. He disregarded several red lights. The police wanted to control the man before, because he had turned on a street despite a solid center line.

The fatal accident was filmed with a so-called Dashcam from another car. The homicide leader, Josef Wimmer, said the video recording showed the 34-year-old driver driving past at high speed, the car catching a boy, and being thrown into the air. After that show the video how the moving patrol stops immediately to initiate resuscitation. "This record of Dashcam is a very significant piece of evidence for us," said prosecutor Anne Leiding. Although recording with a Dashcam is a misdemeanor, the recordings may still be exploited in a process.

Following the fatal accident, the man came in the opposite lane and caused another accident in which a motorist was slightly injured. The self-injured 34-year-old finally fled his vehicle. Around 00.30 o'clock the police grabbed him in a park. He resisted. The man was first taken to the hospital, where it was checked if drugs were involved.

Against the 34-year-old arrest warrant was issued on Saturday evening. Among other things, he has to answer for the triple attempted murder and unauthorized removal from the scene of the accident.

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