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Comedian Ingo Appelt stayed true to the "Golden Sun" on Saturday night – with rough jokes and sexism.


"You're not in a good mood," says Ingo Appelt, greeting the nearly 280 visitors to the Schneeberg cultural center "Goldne Sonne" when they greet him with moderate applause. "Usually people always go crazy." In the program "Better … is better" the comedian wants to improve the relationship between man and woman and train his peers as service providers. But he has to bring the audience to operating temperature first.

Fast and abrupt, the jokes shoot out of Appelt. Before re-education program, he first shows what he thinks of the current policy: "My son goes into politics, the daughter's on the line." At least from the girl has become something. " He chatters through many topics. Chemnitz and Nazis: "I have no hair on my head, I do not comb." Britain: "If anyone who can no longer hear Brexit pukes in the English Channel, the island is gone anyway." Dominance of the auto industry: "Whoever wants to become chancellor in Germany has to be called Karrenbauer."

Appelt points as usual as an impersonator: Norbert Blum and Willy Brandt, Helmut Kohl and Angela Merkel. To the latter he assures: "You can accuse her a lot, but she has not dared." This rudeness, combined with sexism, is something without which Appelt is not. Before the break, he agrees with shallow jokes on what follows after: Andrea Nahles (A. Nahles) "has made too little from their name". Or: "From Sagrotan the sack goes red." Getting used to, and Appelt knows that: "You have to run down to the level now."

Delicate minds can only slightly derive the humor after the break. But Appelt has no reason to delete even too flat jokes from the repertoire. As he palates about giving up the bad F-word in his thirtieth year, he immediately uses it to spit out "Fi …." three dozen times. The public? Cheers! Appelt's humor is exactly what he always was: not for everyone, but a recipe for success.

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