For a real substantive debate – – Diario de Mendoza, Argentina


It is a tug of war not to end, very much in the face of citizenship, typical of the alleged bids and quarrels between the main political parties. Also, a way of delaying a decision that, inside, may be taken, but that needs a more debated, oiled and defined process, by the characteristics and seriousness that it has, as it happens with the modifications to the Anti-Mining Law.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the actors in the provincial Legislature do not publicly agree to give the final endorsement. What is clear is that the interest in moving forward with the changes is on track. Therefore, it is imperative that the discussion be given as much information as possible, leaving all the pros and cons on the table. But, above all, the real advantages that will bring to the development of the province, in a complex context.

Undoubtedly, Mendoza needs to grow and diversify, but with all the relevant care and controls.

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