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Within the complexities of human beings, and the equally complicated system of life we ​​create, we have the great detail of not having a manual. We are not born with one under the arm, and there is no single place to turn to in search of solutions for all situations that happen to us as we live. The options that open in the face of a lack of manual are: follow what others do, find recipes or build your own guides. Of course, this last option is the most unpopular because it requires a great investment of time, energy, courage and does not have a guarantee of success or a minimum return on investment. Consequently, we choose to follow what others say or desperately seek recipes. Apparently, this has happened since the beginning of time, and astrology, which is more than 4,000 years old, contains basic recipes that, rather than requiring them to be followed to the letter, give the basic ingredients to build more easily and Vision own experience.

Another obvious characteristic of the life system that we are creating is that there are moments in which we can expect certain things in advance. For example, we are reaching the end of the year and, therefore, we can expect physical fatigue, a feeling of financial scarcity because we must incur unusual expenses, we have the pressure to evaluate results and plan a whole new year. At the end of the year, many things end, children pass school, companies close balance and many of the people want to be on vacation quickly. Therefore, the end of the year is expectedly stressful and we look for ways to be free of everything that weighs on us.

Within the innumerable keys that this wonderful technology that we call astrology holds there is one that is very useful to understand the type of solution we need at a time of life as the end of the year. Do you know the difference between need, desire and intention? Dictionary definitions are quite similar, but internally they are not the same, and having a semantic interpretation for each one is a great help when it comes to guiding efforts, making decisions and planning. From astrology, the need is related to everything we need in material, emotional and mental terms to feel protected and comfortable, to get out of survival mode. Desire, on the other hand, is linked to the will to get moving to achieve what we want to live or enjoy, beyond whether we are in survival mode. And the intention is, in its most primitive form, an irrational impulse to get or do something that motivates us, turns us on and makes us fall in love. However, in its first flash it is fleeting, ephemeral and sounds like an unattainable dream or illusion. But, when there is perseverance and it is complemented with reasoning, we are able to carry out great changes, exploits and create companies that last a lifetime. The technique is simple: every time you are confused, take paper and pencil and detail in three separate columns: what you need, what you want and what you want from the same issue. Example: what you need from your job, what you want from it and what you want in your work environment.

Remember that freedom is born by daring to think differently, by getting out of your own truth; born when we are able to question the way we see life. Freedom makes flesh when we dare to act differently.

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