In 25 years there were 190 thousand deaths from road accidents in Argentina


November 18, 2019 – 01:14
According to the civil association Fight for Life, per day an average of 10 people lost their lives.

In the last 25 years there were 189,910 deaths from road accidents in Argentina, with an average of 20 people killed per day.

This was reported by the civil association Let's Fight for Life Fair on World Traffic Victims Day.

In that sense, he published a video with 20 people killed during this year with the title "20 faces, 20 stories".

"The most important tribute to them is to do what is necessary so that these avoidable deaths do not continue to recur. In line with the request of the United Nations, within the framework of the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011/20, to reduce the dead to the half in this decade, a pending objective in our country, Fight for Life summons all citizens, and especially responsible authorities, to assume their responsibility with concrete actions to significantly reduce the number of deaths and injuries in transit, "he said. .

In a statement signed by its president, Alberto Jose Silveira, Fight for Life, he added: "Road safety must be affirmed as a matter of state policy; through coordinated efforts and joint decisions by national, provincial and municipal authorities, responsible for the subject ".

He also stressed the "urgent need" for a series of measures, such as exponentially multiplying effective controls on streets and routes, which ensure the practical validity of the law (eg breathalyzer, speed controls, use of seat belts, helmets , child restraint systems, etc.) and effective penalties for offenders. Legislate crimes against road safety and the reduction of maximum speeds. It also suggests that adequate and responsible preparation and granting of driver's licenses be ensured throughout the country and that systematic and continuing road education be a reality in the curricula and in preschool, elementary and middle school classrooms in the whole country. Calls for urban planning to be carried out that allows for smooth and orderly traffic and the necessary investments to achieve a safe and efficient public transport (railways, routes, etc.).

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