in Teil, one week after the earthquake, the difficult recovery of the school


REPORTAGE"I'm happy to go back to school, because I'm going to meet my friends." Six-year-old Lina's answer is the one most children provide Monday morning at Teil. A week after the earthquake, most courses resume for schoolchildren and students of this town of Ardeche, the most affected by the earthquake. The town hall had to find solutions because half of the primary classes are still not functional.

Lina will have to go to class at another school. "I know that the school has been inspected by firefighters, by experts, so if they allow the resumption of school is that the school is secure," says his father Michael.

"I told him 'you're going to school at Hogwarts'"

Maxence is 12 years old. He is impatient to find his college, out of curiosity. "I want to see the state of the college and especially the canteen, because apparently, it is the canteen that has suffered the most," says the schoolboy. "I'm happy to be back to school tomorrow because my friend Amaury has apparently lost his house so I want to see him to get some news."

But not all will resume this morning. This is the case of Jennifer's son. For him, the return will be only Thursday, in the diocesan house of Viviers, which is preparing to collect 400 students from the region. "It's sure that children will change them …", testifies this mother. "Me, my son, I told him 'you're going to a great school, because it's like a big church.' I told him 'you're going to school at Hogwarts'." The Teil will be able to welcome all of its students from January, thanks to the creation of a prefabricated school.

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