Mexican fans suffer from getting ticket to the U17 Final


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Although the Tri will not be completely alone in their fight for the U-17 World Cup title, for fans in general and it's hard for Mexicans to get tickets For the final match.

In accordance with Hector Chavez “Caramelo”, the most faithful fan of Tri In recent years, tickets are no longer available for the game and Aztec fans are having a harder time finding them.

"Very difficult, everything is totally sold, there are no tickets”, Commented in a telephone interview the famous Caramelo, who always accompanies the Mexican teams and this time you could not miss the duel of the Tri.

To get his tickets he had to turn to the family of the player Eugenio Pizzuto, who provided him with a ticket.

"Pizzuto's family did me the favor of giving me two tickets And right now we are traveling three friends, one from Zacatecas, another Stockton, California, and here we are. Thank God the family helped us and well, they avoided us seeing how, because we are not finding resale tickets, ”he said.

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