Mexican National Team: This is how the CONCACAF League of Nations semifinals would be played


The Mexican team managed to qualify for the semifinals of the CONCACAF League of Nations by defeating 0-3 to his counterpart in Panama and in the absence of another day to be played on Sunday 17 and Tuesday 19, the semifinals would already be defined if nothing strange happens.

Mexico finished first in group B and in the absence of a match, it already has its place secured in the next round of the tournament, the semifinals to be played in June 2020.

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The United States still has a pending game and if he won it, he would be advancing to the next round; which would not be a problem because it will face Cuba, the weakest rival of the group and which has failed to score any points.

In group C Honduras is already classified in the absence of a match so you can afford to lose it.

In Group D and last, there is Costa Rica and Curacao with opportunities to move forward. The Ticos will face Haiti on the last date of the tournament and to add a tie, it would take the first place of the group but to lose, Curacao would be in the next round.

Now, assuming nothing weird happens, the United States, Mexico, Honduras and Costa Rica would be the semifinalists of the CONCACAF Nations League.

Thus, if the 4 teams manage to win, Mexico would be playing the game against Costa Rica, while the USA and Honduras would be measured in the other semifinal.

It may happen that something changes but in the order of the equipment but most likely these combinations occur.

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