Miss France 2020: the 30 candidates and Vaimalama in Tahiti after 24 hours of travel


"Which one had the good idea to make nails and to stink the cabins with the smell of varnish in a closed place? ", Pests a passenger on TN17 flight Air Tahiti. To arrive on the paradise island of the archipelago of French Polynesia, the 77 or so people who make up the Miss France caravan had to remain confined for more than 24 hours.

On the plane, "Languedoc Roussillon" already piques nose after a few hours. And "Champagne Ardenne" plays Candy Crush on his cell phone. In this parallel world which is that of the Miss, one is not called by its first name but by the region of its roots.

During the stop over two hours in the United States, the "girls" will not be filmed or photographed. "You have to leave them a little off," says Sylvie Tellier, director of the Miss France company and herself ex-Miss. They will change and dress for the arrival in Tahiti.

It is 7.45 am Monday morning, French time when the little bell sounds on the plane. The landing in Papeete is planned in a little over an hour. It is time for the representatives of the regions … to remix themselves.

Vaimalama is from Tahiti

While "Burgundy" is the first to want to change his toilet attire, "Nord Pas de Calais" comes out squarely a large mirror she stalls on the front seat to turn it into a fortune-teller. In just a few minutes, they're ready for the local media, which is waiting for them in a damp air where the temperature rises to 27 degrees. "It's still crazy, we would not say they have not been showered for 24 hours," laughs a French passenger who watches the ballet of young women silhouettes of lianas with irony.

Despite the fatigue, Vaimalama, our Miss France 2019, from Tahiti is greeted with the honors of a head of state. The Tahitian Minister of Culture in person made the trip. "It's just become an icon here," reports Laure, a local television reporter. We would dream that she become president now. The last time she came, nearly 20,000 people waited on the streets. There is even a huge poster of her in town ".

"I'm so moved to be here," Vaimalama says to us, his neck filled with flower necklaces as tradition dictates. This is a great opportunity to introduce my culture to the Miss, to you, to everyone, "she says with her devastating smile and in her accent reminiscent of the rolling waves. Before slipping, mischievous: "But every night, I'll slip out of the hotel to join my family. This is the basis "

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