Missing Tatum and Walker, Buddy Hield and Big Pair End Boston's Invincibility


This is one of the novelties for this season 2019-20, TrashTalk will offer every Sunday evening the notes of the NBA main event made in France. Let's say we have the chance to enjoy a game every week in prime time, say that it will not force us to wait in front of an episode slammed Zone forbidden, so let's say we decided to take advantage of all that for laugh a little and to let you know each week of our house report card. Sensitive souls refrain, we did not come here to stroke the NBA in the direction of the hair, finally not always.

Bim-badaboum-boom! No it is not John Wall who is zooming the last step of his stairs, but indeed your weekly report card: heading more expected than a shot of Simmons parking or a system Fizdale. This week, you are not going to be disappointed since it is a rather drinkable meeting between the Boston Celtics and the Sacramento Kings. On the one hand, a collective as oiled as the armpits of Jokic: C's 10 wins for a single setback, and which logically enthroned at the head of the Conf 'East. On the other, a team hypante but who is celebrating the beginning of the season because of a visibly too sexy nurse (4 successes for 7 defeats). But as they say, "At the Golden 1 Center, it's better not to be a visitor! (Nobody says that) Suddenly, the Californians tried to raise the head after a slight disappointment against the Lakers. The Celtics meanwhile, remained on 10 consecutive wins with a clear goal: chaining.

A match as tight as Yabusele in 40.

Sacramento Kings:

Buddy Hield (9): the little squirrel has feasted on all levels. Mammoth shots and even responsibility in the organization … Without De'Aaron Fox it was up to him to carry his team and Hield did it beautifully tonight. He has to confirm that he has just passed a course in the next outings, in any case he played at the height of his contract that night.

Bogdan Bogdanovic (6): shoots as short as Brandon Roy's career by sequence (immediate mea-culpa). An interesting participation in the organization with some caviars but really nothing folichon in the first period. It was not until the last ten minutes to see Bogdanovic come out of the pile and send three very important arrows.

Nemanja Bjelica (7): Peja Stojakovic in the first half and Darko Miličić in the second. Bounces galore, a beautiful vision of the game but crossed Bogdanovic who got out of bed to go the other way. LeBron's poster had a limited effect.

Harrison Barnes (5): always a quality lieutenant with a certain constancy in the address. Typically the guy that nobody will talk about while deserving a zest of consideration. Did not burst the screen or the ball, so a 100% Harrison Barnes rating.

Richaun Holmes (5): a big firecracker on Marcus Smart, the intensity, disappeared like the fathers who go out to buy cigarettes, and then returned once the studies paid. The important thing is assured: catch big rebounds, put the throws.

Dewayne Dedmon (4): 7 points and 4 rebounds in just 10 minutes. Victim of the success of … uh … well we do not really know. Sometimes totally on the street, sometimes useful, fortunately he is nice.

Harry Giles (4): a solid performance out of the bench but overall, Harry was not a wizard. Sorry.

Trevor Ariza (3): Trevor Aziza, I want you if you want me. That was ten years ago now nobody wants this big dinosaur. Paume last night, and it's not a first this season.

Cory Joseph (3): took a shot once at the cottage. The same physical as Barney's Simpsons and potentially the same address. Should be more aggressive, but good Canadians too …

Yogi Ferrell (3): he's not good but what's so cute.

Boston Celtics

Kemba Walker (3): some statistics but this impression of not having seen it. He misses a shot 3 meters from the basket when he should have put #AnalysisCommeDjellit. In a close match and with several actions to kill the Kings, Kemba did not answer this. Want to put his friends in front or lack of character? The choice is defeat.

Jayson Tatum (4): far too inconsistent to really help his people to win. He was there when it was necessary, at the end of the match, but not enough at the beginning. Benefit equivalent to the aesthetics of his beard, so slightly holed.

Marcus Smart (2/16): always the same rabid dog in tension games but quickdraw as Eric Micoud speaks. The order of priorities is therefore established: go to the dermatologist then work the address. Ah, and work the floaters too, that of the victory ricocheted on the arch for the greatest despair of his team.

Jaylen Brown (7): the most consistent player on the Celtics side with a good match sheet. Unfortunately too much reduced to the status of role player when he should have been able to carry Boston tonight. Like Buddy, again justified his new contract as an individual.

Daniel Theis (6): Real Gangster 2 Theis. Big presence in the painting with always this ability to deviate from the circle. A trashtalking based on "Dewayne Ded-Mon, the mon-go-link". A little clutch, a little punished also by the referees.

Semi Ojeleye (5): Half fuck brothel in the California defense. Not necessarily the best selection of shots but some assurance in support (when you have nothing to say about him). The nice surprise of the party C's side, especially the remote address.

Bradley Wanamaker (4): a name of a Togolese DJ who plays Tuesday at the 555 Famous Club of Marrakech. The match is good without changing anything in our life. Still struggling with this number 9 in the back.

Enes Kanter (4): interesting statistics but his racket is still visited by far too many tourists. The Celtics have the choice: to play Theis or to induct their painting into UNESCO's national heritage.

Robert Williams III (2): six minutes before Brad Stevens decides to send him to the dungeon #FreeRobert87000. An ankle problem? Bodganovic was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Carsen Edwards (2): Carsen Edwards winners: I enjoyed pre-season.

Javonte Green (un-noted): Javonte Green?

Vincent Poirier (DNP): last to play but first in our heart.

So that's the end of the fourth weekly report card: a close game with some pretty gameplay. Compared to last week's offensive massacre, we're going to sleep with something other than harissa in our eyes. See you next week for a Texas derby between Doncic and Harden Mavericks and Rockets.

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