Munich Airport opens winter market: A service is missing – "very backward"


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Christmas at the airport: It's already festive at Munich Airport in mid-November. But there are also critics.

  • As the first Christmas market in Greater Munich opened the market of the airport on Friday.
  • The anticipation is great – but there are also critics.
  • You miss again a service at the airport.

Munich Airport – "Yes, is it Christmas already ?!" – no, not yet. And winter actually not yet, but still has the traditional Christmas and winter market on the forum of Munich Airport already open on friday. There is a large ice rink, 40 exhibitors and restaurateurs, evening lights around the Airport and Christmas live music. Keep a colorful and atmospheric ambience for Christmas and to match the dawning winter season. The airport itself even speaks of a "magic landscape".

Munich Airport opens Wintermarkt – already reports a critic

But little enchanting finds a Facebook commentator that a service is still not offered. "Is it finally possible to pay by card at all stands", he asks on the Facebook page Munich Airport. The – for him – sobering response: "That will not be possible this year". That in turn feels the Facebook fan of the airport as "a pity" and even as "very backward". Another Facebook commentator agrees: "Even on Tollwood, for example, Pay with Bluecode. "

Christmas and winter market at Munich Airport – discussion on Facebook

Other airport visitors can not understand these objections. "I often see people from abroad who always have a few euros with them. For others, the exchange offices in both terminals would * but an alternative, "comments a Facebook user. Too cumbersome, the critic replies that would affect the sales of the winter market – so his forecast. Another commentator loses his patience: "Then take off your money, my goodness!"

Other commentators did not pay attention in advance – anticipation is more important to them! "After landing one mulled wine", For example, it says in another Facebook comment.

An express train to the Munich airport will not be there for the time being, reports *, The airport has now buried corresponding plans. Politicians vent their anger.

Here you will find Munich's most beautiful Christmas markets in the overview (Mercury*): Addresses, opening hours and special features.

Munich Airport has been the only five-star airport in Europe for four years. Travelers have their own opinion and make the most curious reviews on Google.

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