San Telmo, AFA Esports Opening Champion


The AFA Esports Opening tournament had its face-to-face closure at the Viamonte Street headquarters, our country's historic football building, the home of the Argentine Football Association.

16 clubs participated in this final phase, which came after an online phase in which 52 participated.

San Telmo, AFA Esports Opening Champion

The first thing that was played were the round of 16, with the victories of the candidates, Santino Ombrella and Manuel Gonzalez, representatives of Independiente and San Lorenzo, who defeated Agustin Barrios and Kevin Pafumi, representatives of Gral. Lamadrid and Lanus respectively. Almost all the matches of the phase were even, although only one came to play a tiebreaker in third game (the tournament was played at the best of 2 with accumulation of goals). In that match, Dep. Armenio (Juan Manuel Gonzalez) defeated Ferro (Ivan Posinovec). The first surprise would come from the hand of who would be the champion. Tobias Viloch, representative of San Telmo won the first leg to Mauro Sironi, who represented Talleres de Cordoba, assigned for this tournament by Independiente, by 5 to 1. In the rematch, Mauro showed why he is one of the best players in the country and got 4-5. But over the end, Tobias remained calm, scored again and closed the game.

These are all the round of 16 results:

San Telmo, AFA Esports Opening Champion

In the quarterfinals great parity would be seen in all matches, except in the first leg between BA Students and Rosario Central. Elias Vargas, representative of the first, beat Augusto Campodonico 3 to 0 and reached him with an equality in the second to go to semis.

The highlight of the phase would be the fall of San Lorenzo. Manuel Gonzalez, pre-classified number 2 of the tournament, would be another victim of Tobias Viloch, and in a series of great tension, San Telmo was imposed with a 2-0 overall. The others classified to the semifinals, would be Independiente and Dep. Armenio, which in what was its seal of the face-to-face phase, would win it in the tiebreaker. These are the results of the quarterfinals:

San Telmo, AFA Esports Opening Champion

The semifinals promised two big clashes and with players with very defined playing styles.

Santino Ombrella, preclassified number 1, one of the best players in the country and finalist of the FIFA eNations Cup qualifier, was the least able to deploy his game. The representative of Independiente met the 5 defenders of Elias Vargas and found no solution to the problems presented by the tactics of the BA Student player. Despite what seemed like a defensive tactic, Huevito, as they know him in the community, thrashed Santino 4 to 0 and 3 to 1, for a 7 to 1 overall, scoring every time his rival seemed to have a chance to start a comeback

In the other semifinal, Dep. Armenio would star in a tiebreaker match. This time he started winning 1 to 0 in the first leg, but San Telmo's victory for the same score in the lap forced a third party to play. That was also tied and forced to go on penalties. In that instance, Viloch could do more and eliminated Juan Manuel Gonzalez, who was left with the strange record of having taken his three crosses to the tiebreaker.
 The final result was 0-1, 1-0, 1-1 (3-1) for the future champion.

San Telmo, AFA Esports Opening Champion

Thus they reached the final San Telmo and BA Students. With representatives who arrived with different backgrounds. In the first leg, in a very even match, Elias Vargas managed to win 1 to 0 and dreamed of the title. But in the rematch, Tobias Viloch was more and imposed 2 to 1. To finish in a very high voltage peak this tournament Opening, one more tiebreaker had to be disputed. And he continued to show parity among the finalists. Just defined everything when in the 64th minute, San Telmo scored with Dembele to break the partial 1 to 1 with which they were and to celebrate Tobias Viloch. A deserved champion who won two candidates for the title and two players who had a tremendous tournament.

San Telmo, AFA Esports Opening Champion

In this way, an extensive day was closed, in which the FIFA community enjoyed a great event and which we expect, is part of this rising curve that Argentine esports are showing in terms of organization and performance and professionalism of Your players

The history of AFA with esports goes back to the qualifier of the beginning of this year, which allowed the Argentine team to participate in the FIFA eNations Cup of FIFA 19. However, after that initial kick, it seems that FIFA 20 will be the one You will see the consolidation of the bet. Because the Apertura tournament is the first of a series of tournaments that will begin to be played on a seasonal basis and that will give the Argentine gamer community of FIFA a permanent competitive space.

Let's celebrate another milestone in the history of esports in our country, which continue to grow and do not want to find a roof.

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