The Premier League figure who only thinks of one thing: retiring in Boca


With only 23 years, Lucas Torreira is one of the best midfielders that Arsenal has in his team and the most prominent in the Premier League. The footballer who emerged from the Pescara of Italy and is currently constantly cited for the Uruguayan National Team has only one goal in the future: to retire with Boca's shirt.

"Lucas is angry when I lost the chance to go to Napoli. He wants to finish his career in Boca and Napoli has an aura similar to Boca. If you end up going to Italy? I don't know, everything can happen in football, "Pablo Bentancur, his representative, launched in dialogue with Goal.

Today, Torreira is a key part of Unay Emery's midfield and since he arrived at Arsenal in 2018 he has already accumulated 50 games with the London team. It is worth remembering that that season, Torreira shone at Sampdoria and Arsenal decided to disburse 30 million euros for the entire pass.

As if that were not enough, on more than one occasion, Torreira confesses his fanaticism for Boca: "At some point I would like to wear Boca's shirt, it is a dream that I have pending very small. Everyone around me knows that. "

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