Yellow vests: the choice of the place of Italy as starting point of the event is controversial



VIOLENCE – Could the damage done to Italy Square have been avoided? Should the police headquarters of Paris have chosen another place of departure for the Yellow Vests event on Saturday, November 16th? On Monday, these issues are still controversial, while the stigma of violence is still visible in the square.

From act 53 of the Yellow Vests, the one marking the year of the movement, we will remember the images of violence place of Italy (13th arrondissement of Paris). To commit these overflows, the thugs helped themselves to the construction equipment present in the square. So two days after the fact, the question is still on many lips: why have chosen as place of departure of the event this place on which many important projects are underway?

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Thursday, November 14, the Paris police headquarters had in a note asked the mayor of Paris to "empty all glass containers", "butcher and tarred all holes and trenches", and "secure work in progress". But that did not prevent her from choosing the place of Italy as the starting point of the event this Saturday, November 16th.

"All jobs can not be secured"– Jerôme Coumet, mayor of the 13th district of Paris

"We did our utmost to remove everything, but even doing this, all the work can not be secured," Borough Mayor Jerôme Coumet told LCI. On franceinfo, he added: "I am not in a spirit of controversy, but I had reported to the police headquarters that the place of Italy hosted three very important sites, so very difficult to secure even if we did all we could, so it was not necessarily the best place. "

This Sunday, the Minister of the Interior Christophe Castaner cleared the police headquarters of Paris, and tried not to overwhelm the mayor of Paris. "It is not the State and the Ministry of the Interior that manage the urban mobilization of the communes.All the difficulty, I do not want to throw the stone on the mayor of Paris, is that when you have a course, large enough, which started from the Place d'Italie and was to end somewhere else, you can not remove all the street furniture in all of Paris. "

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