25 migrants in refrigerated containers discovered on ferry to England


The ship was therefore on the way from the Dutch port of Vlaardingen near Rotterdam in the English Felixstowe, turned after the discovery but around. Detective dogs searched for further persons after returning to Vlaardingen.

The refrigerated container was on a truck and was on, as the Dutch news agency ANP reported. The truck was seized and the driver arrested. At first it was still unclear whether he knew about the migrants.

Spokesman for the Danish shipping company DFDS, Gert Jakobsen, told the German Press Agency that the migrants had been received by the police after their return to the Dutch port. According to the Rotterdam police, 23 of the persons were taken to a police station after the medical examination, two to the hospital for medical treatment.

In October, 39 bodies had been discovered in a refrigerated truck east of London. A ship had previously brought the container from Belgium to England. The victims came from Vietnam. Every year, thousands of migrants are illegally brought to the UK, mostly in trucks or by ship and boat. (Kes / SDA)

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