After deaths: Tobacco giants drive a smart mitigation strategy – Switzerland


Tobacco giant Philip Morris informed on Tuesday morning in Bern about the dangers of alternatives to traditional cigarettes. This after more and more deaths have become public.

The appearance of Philipp Morris joins in an overall strategy of the industry, which wants to present alternative smoking as harmless. But is this true? What you should know about this topic:

The tobacco manufacturers speak in connection with the promotion of e-cigarettes of "harm reduction", harm reduction. In short, vaporizing e-cigarettes is less harmful than smoking conventional tobacco cigarettes. In terms of the amount of pollutants, this can not be denied. The cigarette smoke contains around 4800 chemicals and 280 poisons, of which 70 are carcinogenic. With e-cigarettes, a liquid is vaporized with a heating coil and less poison is involved. However, critical substances are also inhaled there. For example, depending on the liquid formaldehyde, aldehydes and metals such as lead and cadmium. Logically, there are no long-term studies on the long-term effects of e-cigarettes. The products have not been on the market for a long time yet.

Heat instead of burn

This also applies to another type of new smoking: In so-called heat-not-burn products, which Philipp Moris calls IQOS, pressed tobacco is not burned but heated. This results in less combustion products than a cigarette. According to Philipp Morris, IQOS produces 95 percent less harmful chemicals than cigarettes. Thus, the 27 percent of the Swiss population, who are now hanging on the Glimmstengel, would benefit from health, if they would switch to e-cigarettes or IQOS. Your pollutant load and those of your neighbors and relatives would be smaller in absolute terms. Although IQOS is not risk-free according to the tobacco industry, it is a better alternative than smoking cigarettes.

Distinct difference

The trade association addiction distinguishes clearly between e-cigarettes and IQOS. It supports the damage reduction by e-cigarettes, in which nicotine-containing liquid is evaporated according to the motto Evaporation is better than burning. The heat-not-burn products such as IQOS but excludes the trade association, because there is not evaporated.

The "harm reduction" strategy of the tobacco industry is strongly criticized by the pulmonary physicians. It serves only to compensate for the boisterous business with tobacco cigarettes. And because IQOS and depending on the selected liquid for e-cigarettes and nicotine in the game, so can only be achieved so that people remained dependent on the addictive nicotine. The success of smoking cessation efforts by means of e-cigarettes is low and hardly sustainable, write physicians in the "Swiss Medical Forum".

42 dead in the US

Headlines made a message from the US four days ago. There, 24 people died after using e-cigarettes, about 2200 people fell ill because of it. Their lungs were damaged, which is not yet finally resolved. The suspicion is due to a vitamin E acetate, an oil derived from vitamin E, which was added to the liquid in the e-cigarettes. Vitamin E acetate is used in the US to dilate and dilute illegal THC-containing vapor products. High dosages of it could have led to the lung diseases. In the normal fluids of e-cigarettes, however, this drug is not included. It has never been proven in Europe.

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