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ATP World Championships in London: Zverev on the roller coaster

The ATP World Championship for Alexander Zverev runs just like his whole season. Nevertheless, he has his own hand in the semi-final.

Alexander Zverev has to deliver against Daniil Medvedev this Friday - otherwise the tennis World Cup for the Hamburger is over.
Alexander Zverev has to deliver against Daniil Medvedev this Friday – otherwise the tennis World Cup for the Hamburger is over.

Photo: Kirsty Wigglesworth / dpa

London. When Alexander Zverev sneaked out of the arena on Wednesday, his London evening was perfect for his entire tennis season of 2019. The picture was confusing, contradictory. In the first group game Zverev had celebrated a nearly flawless two-set win against the world number one Rafael Nadal. Well, after a smooth 3: 6, 2: 6-Abfuhr against the Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas, he had arrived in his seemingly eternal roller coaster ride back near the ground.

On Friday, of all things, the newcomer of the year is waiting

A triumph, a bitter setback, a quick World Cup elation, a frump experience. What the 22-year-old Hamburger in London experiences is a reflection of the past few months, in which he was always looking for consistency and regularity in his workplace. And this search also extended to the very last mandatory appearance in London. "Nevertheless, I am optimistic about the last group match. The good thing is: I have it in my own hands. I can stay even longer in this tournament, "said Zverev, who has to compete against Russian Daniil Medvedev on Friday, the previous climber of the year.

Zverev's 2019 season was marked by turbulence, disputes and disagreements outside the course – there was unrest, the effect unfolded on what was happening on the center courts. Meanwhile, Zverev fights more against his opponents than against himself and the (conquered) burdens in the environment, but without any fuss it does not go off in London. Almost symptomatically, the German had to defend against allegations after the rebuff against fellow generation Tsitsipas at once, he may have received on a mobile phone in his tennis bag any hints from his team.

Mobile reproach rejects Zverev

TV scenes suggested that Zverev had seen him making hand movements in his pocket, similar to operating a cell phone. However, a crossfade of the television picture with the current game result prevented a close look. Zverev himself found that there was no wind. He did not know what had been observed there, he said. "At least it was not my cell phone. I left that in the cabin. "If Zverev had been caught using a mobile phone, he would have had to fear painful sanctions.

His view of the 2019 season may change in the next few days for the better – or just stay as it was before: namely as a view of fluctuating ideas, especially in the big tournaments. He should win against Medvedev, the 23-year-old Muscovite, to avoid computer games. In theory, he could lose after the calculations in the higher world mathematics, when the second group match on Friday between Tsitsipas and Nadal delivers the desired result. If Zverev remains in the tournament, either way, everything is possible, up to a surprise coup as in the previous year. At that time he had defeated Federer and Djokovic on the final weekend in a row, to his own astonishment.

Medvedev is just as restless cantonist

So far, the defending champion can not even think. Daniil Medvedev remains for him beyond all vague hopes for a happy ending, the first major challenge. The US Open finalist is as unpredictable a cantonist as he is. Recently, at the ATP Masters in Shanghai, Zverev did not stand a chance in the final against the Russian. It was the first defeat in the fifth direct comparison. On Wednesday, Medvedev had witnessed a memorable center-court blackout on the London World Cup stage when he lost yet another 5-1 lead with match ball in the third set against Nadal. "He will want to win all the more in the last game. He can also come to the semi-finals, "said Zverev," it's just an all-or-nothing game. "Not only for the Russians.

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