Bale is 'mocking' Madrid with the 'Wales' flag. Golf. Madrid'


Gareth Bale is going to talk in the next few days. First, by participating and achieving the classification of his team, Wales, for the next European Championship, something he achieved after defeating Hungary in a formidable performance of The Red Dragons. Second, for what happened after the encounter with the Magyars. Like all his companions, unleashed and happy, The Welshman posed with the flag they have designed and manufactured in their country and which reads as follows: “Wales. Golf. Madrid. In that order ”(“ Wales. Golf. Madrid. In this order ”). The phrase that Mijatovic said at the end of October, when former Montenegrin exdelantero gave his opinion on Madrid's 11 in El Larguero: “He thinks first of the selection of Wales, then in golf and then in Madrid. I have not talked to him, but it is what he transmits to me. You never know if you can count on him, if he is motivated or not, if he is injured or not … but you will see how he will improve when the teams approach ”, said the scorer of the Seventh.

At the end of the meeting and in a euphoric state for the achievement of a historic achievement (Wales had not qualified to play a Eurocup and with the Madrid player has been two consecutive, in France-2016 and next 2020), Bale did not hesitate to grab said flag and start celebrating the pass with the rest of his teammates. An act that many Madrid fans won't like …

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