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Bayern Munich lure Leroy Sane according to report with this monster content

Is Bayern Munich luring Leroy Sane with a monster salary to the Isar?
Is Bayern Munich luring Leroy Sane with a monster salary to the Isar?
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Munich. Leroy Sane and the FC Bayern Munich – the closer the winter transfer period comes, the hotter this topic gets.

Already in the summer of the ex-Schalke for FC Bayern Munich come. In the midst of the transfer poker came the bad news: cruciate ligament tear!

Bayern Munich: Will Leroy Sane the new top earner in the record champions?

Now, not only the winter transfer window, but also the comeback of the national player moves closer. One thing is clear: Bayern and Sane have never lost sight of each other.

But buying the wing of Manchester City would not be cheap. Around 100 million euros transfer fee are traded, according to "Mirror" Sane should also be lured to Munich with a princely salary.

According to the British newspaper, a gross annual salary of 23 million euros is in the room. This would be Leroy Sane in one fell s the top earner in Munich. Robert Lewandowski, so far just before Philippe Coutinho equipped with the best salary, should get since his contract renewal in September just under 20 million euros annually.


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In order to keep the costs of a Sane obligation in the framework, the responsible persons of the FC Bayern Munich should have thought recently even about a barter transaction, with which Kingsley Coman in the follow up Citizens joins. Meanwhile, this idea should have been rejected.

If the Bayern Leroy Sane actually get to the Isar, you would have to renounce the back-round start nor on the offensive star. The 23-year-old is expected to work on his comeback by the beginning of February.

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