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Days after the conclusion of the New York marathon, Belen Puerta Pelayo tells us in this interview how his arrival at athletics occurred

Belen Puerta Pelayo overcame weeks ago the challenge of finishing the New York Marathon, one of the most important and media in the world. The Manchathon tomellosera athlete ran along the asphalt of the big apple, enjoying the pleasure of sport in the immense and beautiful North American city. She has been Tomelloso's first woman to participate and conclude this prestigious marathon.

After the immediacy of the news, it is time to talk more quietly with a woman who is always accompanied by a great sense of humor and an open smile. With her we have been the journalists of Lanza in her elegant haberdashery-lingerie that bears the name of her mother. At the shelter of such a cozy store we started an interview that the protagonist gets to be close and enjoyable.

-Days after running and finishing the New York marathon, what feelings do you have?

-From a total high. Many people still congratulate me, both personally and on social networks or by WhatsApp. I have been surprised by the amount of support messages I have received, even from people I barely know. That warmth and support has been the best of all.

– How did you consider going to this emblematic test?

-It was an illusion that came from afar. Javier Cepeda celebrated his 50 years doing a marathon in Valencia and that was recorded for me; It was a really nice way to celebrate that birthday. The New York marathon is always in the first week of November and coincides with my birthday, so I decided that the best way to celebrate it was to run there. So I prepared a piggy bank to be able to afford the trip, although then my husband has offered it to me as a gift from Reyes and my fifty years.

-What was it that caught your attention the most?

-The atmosphere of the different neighborhoods, each of his father and mother, because New York is a very diverse city. In some neighborhoods people offered you food and drinks, there was music, percussion groups, singers, families that gave you Klinex … In other neighborhoods they passed Olympicly from us and then you came to the part of the skyscrapers where there were people everywhere cheering and So I thought, but good thing here is the Tere girl running. I was living with a lot of emotion. The time of departure is spectacular and the arrival even more. I was also struck by the perfect organization that was there.

-After such a successful experience, will we see Bethlehem running other marathons in major world capitals?

-Your thing would be to run the six Wordl Marathon Majors (laughs). I don't rule it out, maybe the six is ​​too much, but some more are. Doing a marathon a year would not be bad. Running in cities like London, Boston, Berlin, Chicago or Tokyo should also be wonderful experiences.

-You are an example of overcoming. He started practicing sports relatively late and got involved in an admirable way, how do you explain this process?

– I have gone little by little because I started with forty years, when I already had my three children, my work, my house … I was influenced by the environment of companions with whom I went running, I could meet different people with whom you rub shoulders usually and that opens your mind a lot. Years ago I marked the challenge of losing 21 kilos and running 21 kilometers. When I lost 21 kilos, I went to the Alcazar half marathon and getting that challenge filled me up a lot. I believe that the key has been constancy, being there every day and taking a habit or routines that you can no longer give up. Depending on what I am training, I go out early in the morning or at night.

-How have you managed to reconcile work, family and sport?

-Now that my children are older I can organize quite well. It's about setting priorities, work comes first, of course, but you have to find holes to do more things.

– Can you say that sport has changed your life?

-Yes, totally. Sport allows you to change the environment, meet new people, of different professions and ages, which opens up your field of relationships and you get very rich. In addition, I feel proud that one of my children, the middle one, also runs and the little one also likes it.

-Your arrival to athletics has taken place under the shelter of C.A. Manchathon, how was it received at the club?

– I feel like the spoiled girl of the club, very dear. They are to blame for reaching goals that were unthinkable for me. People like Fran, Pedro Luis Quevedo, the Vergara sisters, Sonia and many other marathon women who have already run marathons are role models. I started in the Start to Run program ten years ago and here I continue with the illusion of the first day because sport changes your life.

-Is it usually applied in a rigorous diet of meals?

-No. I try to eat as healthy as possible, but without severely eating a severe diet. Running is not incompatible with drinking a wine, a beer or even a sweet from time to time. It is true that many times you start in the sport with the desire to lose weight, but doing sports just by losing weight lasts a short time, there must be other incentives, you have to get hooked, like it, otherwise it is complicated.

-What test are you preparing for now?

– Actually, I am not preparing any concrete test. I continue training and in a little over a month we will go to the San Silvestre Vallecana, where a great atmosphere is breathed, and some 10K more that I will run and possibly some half marathon. Next year I do not rule out running another marathon, in Spain or abroad. I already made the one in Valencia, which is another marathon that is worth being.

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