Boeing 737 is no longer the best-selling passenger plane in the world


Although the US company is still ahead of Airbus in terms of actual deliveries, this gap is closing rapidly.

This month, for the first time in recent decades, the world's best-selling commercial airplane title has ceased to be the Boeing 737.

The A320 of Airbus has removed it from its throne, according to the statistics of the European consortium, which has 15,193 aircraft of this type in its order book, thus surpassing the Boeing 737, which has 15,136 orders, according to data from October of the American aeronautical company.

Airbus obtains great contracts but rules out that it is because of the bad time of Boeing

Boeing, however, is still ahead of Airbus in terms of actual deliveries, but the gap is closing rapidly. In October alone, the company based in Toulouse (France) sent 77 aircraft to its customers, 59 of which were A320, while its North American competitor delivered only 20 aircraft.

If Airbus manages to maintain its leadership, it will fulfill the mission with which the A320 project began about 30 years ago. The aircraft was designed to challenge the hegemony of the Boeing 737 in the narrow-body aircraft market and become the aircraft chosen by many airlines in Europe and other markets.

Boeing internal messages suggest that its technicians knew about the deadly problems of 737 MAX

Both the Airbus A320 and the Boeing 737 have six seats on both sides, but from the point of view of passengers, the American plane is a bit more spacious, since its cabin is 15 cm wider. Meanwhile, Airbus has been updated increasing the fuel efficiency of the device and reducing its noise and operating costs.

Several years ago, Airbus also sought to compete with Boeing 737MAX by launching a Neo (new engine option) version of the A320.

To this was added the disastrous consequences of the two claims starring 737 MAX, attributed to its automatic control system, which left a total of 346 dead and caused all the world's airlines to suspend flights of this aircraft model pending the permission of regulators to update their 'software'.

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