Casemiro: "Rodrygo will be very important in the future of Brazil and Real"


In comments reported by AS, Casemiro showed his optimism for the rest of his partner's club career and selection.

He had already made history in Real Madrid on September 26, becoming the club's fastest scorer in the league since the great Brazilian Ronaldo, needing only 93 seconds against Osasuna to shake the nets during of his first in the jersey of the White House. He had then done even better in the Champions League, scoring a resounding hat-trick against Galatasaray (6-0) at the age of 18. Promising.

Under the colors of the White House, young Rodrygo continues to impress this season. Highly acclaimed by many of his teammates, the Brazilian also made his debut with Selecao, honoring his first selection against Argentina's Lionel Messi.

"In addition to his great talent, Rodrygo has a busy head"

Asked about Rodrygo's debut, Casemiro, his club and selection partner, admitted that the 18-year-old's debut was a bit complicated. "He went into a complicated time against Argentina, they had already retreated behind, they were very aggressive, but even so he looked for spaces and was not intimidated." He tried to do different things. things and that's what needs to be done, it did not go well, but it shows that he is a player who does not run away from his responsibilities in key moments ", entrusted the midfielder, in remarks given to the daily AS.

rodrygo real madrid

"It's a footballer who is always trying to improve, who has already understood that it was very important at Real Madrid as well as in selection.The Mister knows perfectly what he sees in training and how he interacts within And that's more important than the 15 minutes he's played against Argentina, and Rodrygo, with his great talent, has a busy and down-to-earth head. that he lives but does not let himself be carried away by euphoria.It will be very important in the future of Brazil and Real Madrid ", then added Casemiro, uncomfortable for the rest of his young partner's career.

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