Cousin of Eric Abidal, former player of Barcelona, ​​said he had doubts about the consequences of the liver donation he made to his family member | sports


In 2012, Eric Abidal, a French excentral from Barcelona, ​​received a vital liver transplant for recovery after having been operated by a tumor in that organ. The donor was a cousin of his, by name Gerard Armand, whose compatibility made it possible to carry out the medical procedure.

However, some time later rumors emerged that tarnished such a noble sacrifice. Word spread, following an investigation by the Spanish police, that the club's president at the time, Sandro Rosell, would have obtained the liver illegally, something that Armand has emphatically denied, although he did not rule out the possibility that Someone has made a profit with the case.

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This after the statements he gave in a courtroom as part of the investigation that is being followed for the alleged crime of organ trafficking in which he, his famous cousin and Rosell, which he shared in conversation with the newspaper The confidential.

“When I read that the liver he received Eric It was not my own, I was stunned. At first I laughed. I was thinking, but what are these people saying? I was stunned. I am the one who has given the liver. I didn't understand anything at all, ”he said.

He also refused to charge for the transplant. "Absolutely. I told my lawyer the same thing that I said in court, that I keep my old car, I work at the same company and I am registered in the delinquent file … If I had collected that money, I would have changed my life, ”he said.

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Although at the beginning it was not like that, at present Gerard Armand admits having doubts: “Now, over time, I think there may be something. (…) If there is something, I don't know how to say it, but I hope that Eric is not aware, that it has nothing to do with the matter. If not, the thing will get very ugly, "he revealed.

Finally, he confessed that the relationship with his cousin has declined since that time. “In the days before the operation the relationship was good, very good. Now, about eight or nine months ago I have no news of you. I don't talk to him anymore. I have no news, nor do I know if he is sad or happy. I don't know, ”he concluded.

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