Daval: the personality survey brings "no adverse comment"


"The attitude, behavior and reputation of Jonathann Daval do not call any adverse remarks before the facts for which he is indicted. (…) The couple (he formed with Alexia) did not face financial difficulties. The social environment in which he worked suited him, he was competent in his job and performing well at the sporting level. (…) According to his relatives, his wife had a tendency to dominate him, regulate his diet, monitor his schedule, but he did not complain. (…) Mr. Daval is followed today by the psychiatric service (from the detention center of Dijon where he is detained, Ed), following a depressive state caused by confinement and his placement at the isolation, that it supports badly. Mr. Daval does not plan for the future. His physical appearance has changed, he is weakened by the upheaval of his daily life, but is comforted by the support provided by his family. "

Thus concludes the report of the personality investigator, that Point could consult. This was carried out in the framework of the judicial investigation opened against Jonathann Daval, indicted for the murder of his wife Alexia; the body of the young woman, partly burned, had been found on October 30, 2017 in the forest of Esmoulins, near the pavilion that the couple had bought in Gray (Haute-Saone).

Close-ups and friends, teachers, neighbors, colleagues … To paint the portrait of the mis en cause, establish a curriculum vitae and allow, when the time comes, to enlighten the Assize Court on his past and his personality, the investigator questioned twenty people. His childhood, his school career, his professional and emotional life are scrutinized in this survey which differs from psychiatric and psychological expertise.

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"He never showed violence"

If some interlocutors evoke "tensions" within the couple, none reveals violent conduct on the part of Jonathann Daval, describing instead a man "reserved" (the mayor of Velet, the village where his mother lives), "discreet and esteemed "(his employer), even" dominated "by his wife (the companion of his half-brother).

Obviously, his relatives are all in his favor. "He was a quiet kid, who suffered from deafness at the age of 4, then asthma. I did not have any particular problem with him. He grew up like all children of his age. As a teenager, he was rather lonely. In his adult life, he was discreet, calm and respectful, "says his mother, Martine Cussey, who separated from Jonathann's father when he was 3 years old. On the life of her son's relationship with Alexia, she says that Jonathann was "dominated by his wife, who had an ascendancy over him. But he did not rebel, I never noticed quarrels between them, "she added. "My son is not violent or vindictive. He has never been a fighter or a provocateur. The acts committed against the victim do not correspond to his profile, "she pleads. Mickael Daval, elder brother of Jonathann, portrays a boy "calm and without history," "never seeking quarrel with others", "incapable of violence", "worker, serious and maniac". "My brother was dominated by his wife, whom I would call princess. (…) To commit such a gesture, he had to suffer a general ras-le-bol, an irritation that turned to drama, "he confides to the personality investigator.

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"A competent and discreet employee"

"I have never seen him angry. He was very attached to his wife, who asked him to do a lot of things. He has never shown violence or malice towards him ", swears Stephanie Daval, sister of the person concerned. "I think he was pushed through by an accumulation of bullying, vexations that unfortunately led him to commit these serious and irreversible events," says the second husband Martine Cussey.

"I was very surprised at his involvement in the facts; it does not have the profile and showed no aggressiveness or exuberance, "says the mayor of the small town of Velet, where lives the mother of Jonathann. "Polite", "respectful", "helpful", "competent": the portrait he paints of the computer scientist Graylois is uneven. "He was calm, neither turbulent nor brawler. I have no adverse element to communicate to you, "confirms one of his former teachers. "When rumors about his guilt circulated in the village, I defended him, because I did not think he was capable of committing such facts. I was shocked by the purpose of this case, "says this retired teacher.

"A competent and discreet employee", praises the boss of the company Fourot, where Daval had been working since 2006 as a computer maintenance technician. "I knew his wife, whom I met three or four times. She was a nice girl who knew what she wanted, "he says. "I can not explain to myself how he (Jonathann) could have done such a thing. Emeric, his half-brother, insists on his "toilet mania". "Alexia was very nice, but later she evolved badly with our family, which she did not want to see anymore. I did not notice tensions in the couple, there was no question of separation between them. Jonathann did not confide in his private life, but he had once asked me to do a men's party to talk; I felt he had something to say, but we never made it happen. "

"Tensions in the couple"

"Introverted, transparent, invisible limit", but also "manic and perfectionist, especially on its appearance," reports, for its part, the companion of Jonathann's half-brother. "The couple was evolving badly; At first, it was perfect, but since they moved to Gray in December 2016, they had a lot of problems and there was tension between them. The young woman admits she had "more affinity with Alexia". She says that she "sent him messages that he was no longer looking after her, that she was abandoned." "She wanted a child, she lowered him and put a lot of pressure on him. He was oppressed by that, "she admits. Alexia "dominated her husband, she was a woman of character". She "does not believe in her guilt, he does not have the scale and it is not Machiavellian," she concludes.

Chafik, brother-in-law of the indicted, claims to have "never seen Jonathann degraded or dominated by his wife." He did not "see any harbinger in his behavior". "He was neither violent nor bloody," he says. The wife of this witness, sister of Jonathann, has a sharper point of view: "My brother was dominated by his in-laws," she observed. Matthew, a childhood friend, talks about a couple that "worked well". "I've never seen them rub themselves. (…) I do not imagine arriving at such an end, because it does not have the profile; it's the complete opposite of a violent person. "

Detention goes bad

Cedric, another friend of Jonathann has "never found violence on his part." "His wife had more character than him," he says. Justine, the wife of this boyfriend of childhood, evokes "a being kind, thoughtful, mature, calm and serious". "Alexia had more character, but I can not say that there was conflict between them. By cons, a week before the facts, they came to dine at home and I noticed that there was tension in the couple, she replied a little dryly. There was a cold about the issue of children, it was not the subject to address. She seemed hurt, because for her, motherhood was in the continuity of marriage. She was also struggling to cope with her husband's maniaquerie, in keeping the house and on her appearance. Melanie, another friend of Jonathann, testifies to a difficult marriage situation. "She was leading the couple, although for a year or two he had asserted himself. (…) On the end, they were on the brink of rupture. They lacked communication, she wanted a child and they could not have one. "

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Yvan Guignot, Mayor of Gray, is the last person the personality investigator met. "Before the facts, he had never been unfavorably noticed. I have never had any complaints from the neighborhood about rowdy arguments or arguments in his relationship. Jonathann was responsible for the maintenance of the computer park of the municipality. I was very shocked to hear his participation in the facts because he did not have the profile. "

The personality survey tells us again that Jonathann Daval holds a bachelor's degree in "electronics trades", that he is the youngest of six children (not to mention his half-brother ) and that he received a net salary of 1,800 euros. Confiding in the investigator, Jonathann described herself as "a rather shy person", a "maniac", who "struggles to express herself". "I'm not violent or provocative, let alone angry and impulsive. I would rather be a kind of mediator towards others. In my daily life, I was normal, kind and always smiling, joking with my friends. On his current situation, he says he is following a treatment against anxiety and anxiety. "The detention is going badly, I am in isolation, I have lost weight and I am tired," he complains. "I have a hard time considering my future," he concludes.

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The personality survey is one of the last pieces on file. The investigation opened in Besancon, January 30, 2018, after custody and the first confessions of the mis en cause, is indeed over, as indicated Tuesday, November 19 the prosecutor of Besancon, Étienne Manteaux. The file is now in the hands of the floor of Vesoul. As provided in Article 175 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the latter has a period of one month to address its requisitions to the examining magistrate (his reading of the file and incrimination that he would like to see retained by the magistrate instructor). The parties to the proceedings (defense lawyers and civil parties) have the same time limit to ask the judge to carry out additional acts (expert reports, hearings, etc.).

In any case, the trial should be held in 2020, before the Assize Court of Haute-Saone. At this point, Jonathann Daval incurs life imprisonment.

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