Disney + | Thousands of accounts have been stolen and put on sale in less than a week


The streaming war has begun. Disney + has officially reached several countries of the world with a catalog that seeks to snatch users from Netflix. However, nothing is going well since, in addition to the multiple errors that the service entails, in less than a week hundreds of accounts have already been stolen and hacked.

Within the 10 million customers accumulated during the first days on the air, a growing number of users have reported that hackers have entered their accounts, logged out of all devices and changed their email and password, blocking the owners previous.

Hackers are performing two actions with these stolen accounts: either they sell them, or they give them away. The Web ZdNet found a lot of sales portals and prices range from 3 to 11 dollars with the promise that they are "self-paid."

According to sources, many of these accounts were obtained after pirates reused passwords and by the use of keylogging or keyboard detectors.

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