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The Honduran striker, Douglas Martinez summed up his actions during the year 2019 translated at his best at his 22 years in the United Soccer League being champion with him Real monarchs and now being taken into account in the Selection of Honduras that directs Fabian Coito.

"This has been a great year, if this was a good one, I hope the next one is better," said Douglas Martinez.

During the season Martinez was taken in the first team by the Real Salt Lake, Now he does not know if it will remain because it ensures "to gain confidence, I am new, so we will have to go little by little".

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In the rest he praised Fabian Coito as coach and the trust he has placed in him.

"The truth is that he is a coach who knows what he is doing, we want to assimilate it well to understand his work. The U23 is clearly coming and you have to be ready for when you play. The senior team matches give you a lot of experience. This year it's over and we hope the next one is better, "he said.

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And about adding minutes in the senior team, he commented:

"They are matches that are gaining experience. We are happy in that sense. I would not say fight, we are a team, a team, who plays that does well for the country. In that sense we are fine. We will go step by step, It has been a good year and I hope the next one will be better. The competition will always be in any position, but one works to be well to help the country. "

Douglas Martinez will remain linked to the US team for two more years after renewing his contract months after leaving as a free agent of Life.

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