Dragonas Mazatlan reach the final in the Soccer Cup Herd Andes


Dragonas Mazatlan reach the final in the Soccer Cup Herd Andes
In the women's branch they are imposed by the minimum difference to Justina's nieces

Rafael Moreno

Photo: Andres Garcia

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MAZATLAN._ With Karla Osuna's lonely goal, Dragonas got into the final of the women's branch by defeating Justina's nieces by the minimum 1-0, in the Andes Herd Soccer Cup, which takes place in the facilities of Andes Mazatlan School.

The final will be played this Monday between Dragonas and Deportivo Pitufinas, starting at 10:00 a.m. in Camp 1 of Andes Mazatlan. This final corresponds to the players born in 2002-2003.

Karla Osuna was the author of the only goal of the finalists by nailing her score at minute 22.

Pitufinas settled in the final by beating UAS 5-0, scoring Vanessa Valdez 2, Aleida Cruz, Genesis Gutierrez and Miranda Lizarraga.

With annotations from Yamizell Burgueno and Érika Paz, UAS won 2-1 against Atlas Mazatlan. Naydellin Cruz scored the goal for the defeated.


Cantera Coka defeated Chivas Rebano 2-0 2009, with so many by Jorge Lewis (42 ’) and Deud Hall (10’).

Youth A

Mou Werinho FC LDM filled the Astros Training Center with leather 4-1. They marked the course of the actions Adrian Loya, Julio Moreno, Jesus Gonzalez and Angel Mares. The one of the honrilla was the work of Benjamin Lizarraga.


Iron Kids beat 2 goals to 1 Chivas Rebano. For the first, Astrid Rivera and Santiago Jimenez scored; for the seconds Emily Trujillo scored the discount.

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Prepa Anahuac 3
Atlas Mazatlan 2

Dragons 1
Prepa Anahuac 0


Astros 2 Training Center
Chivas Andes 0

Youth C

Atlas Mazatlan 2
Prepa Anahuac 2


Coka quarry 0
Chivas 2009 2

Chivas Flock 2009 5
C. Astros Training 1

Youth B

Torino Valladolid 4
Remingtec 3

Youth C

Sharks 4
Atlas Mazatlan 1

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