Euro-2020: the Blues in hat 2 for the draw


It was hoped a miracle to avoid the hat 2, it did not happen. After the playoff phase, the Blues are qualified but will not be seeded.

Germany won against Northern Ireland on Tuesday and thus secures a place in hat 1, along with the other five best 1st groups (England, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Ukraine).

The French team is in the hat 2, and will inevitably draw a big team on November 30 next.

The composition of hats
Hat 1 : Germany, England, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Ukraine

Hat 2 : France, Croatia, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Switzerland

Hat 3 : Austria, Denmark, Portugal, Czech Republic, Sweden, Turkey

Hat 4 : Finland, Wales, Winners of the Ligue A play-offs, winner of the Ligue B play-offs, winner of the Ligue C play-offs, winner of the Ligue D play-offs

Four tickets via dams

In addition to the twenty qualifying through, classic, playoffs, four more tickets are still to be distributed.

Indeed, the new formula of the Euro is played at 24 and the last qualified countries will have to go through dams. But more by dams as in previous editions.

This is where things get complicated. The ranking of the League of Nations, won last June by Portugal, comes into play to designate the participants in the "play-offs".

The best nations of the A League and not qualified by way of the playoffs are eligible for the playoffs and so on with the nations of the other leagues, with a barrage by league.

If in a league, there are not four teams to take part in the competition (for example if 10 of the 12 teams of the A-League qualify through the playoffs), the remaining places are allocated to the teams of another league according to the general classification of the League of Nations.

However, group winners can not be placed in a group of play-offs with teams from a higher league. Therefore, if a group of play-offs contains at least one group winner who does not have enough teams from the same league, the remaining places will be filled by teams from a lower league. The draw will take place on Friday, November 22nd.

Dams for the Euro
League A Dam : Iceland, Bulgaria / Israel / Hungary / Romania (3 teams to draw from League C)

League B Dam : Bosnia, Slovakia, Ireland, Northern Ireland

League C Dam : Scotland, Norway, Serbia, Bulgaria / Israel / Hungary / Romania (1 team will remain in League C)

Dam D League : Georgia, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Byelorussia

NB: A qualified by dam. The top ranked team will play at home and draw for the final. Semi-finals March 26, final March 31.

Partly known draw

With the system of the twelve host cities, we can also already project on the draw of groups of the Euro, which will take place on November 30.

The six groups were divided between two European cities. If a country qualifies for the Euro, it will necessarily receive at least two group matches, unless it is qualified by dams.

The city pairs are: Rome and Baku (Group A), St. Petersburg and Copenhagen (Group B), Amsterdam and Bucharest (Group C), London and Glasgow (Group D), Bilbao and Dublin (Group E), Munich and Budapest (Group F).

All Hat 1 teams have a host city, except for Ukraine and Belgium. But Russia (hat 2) and Ukraine can not be in the same group for geopolitical reasons, which therefore forces Group C to Ukraine, with the Netherlands (hat 2) and group B to Belgium, with Russia.

We already know three teams from this group, since Denmark in hat 3 also has a host city (Copenhagen)!

This statement leaves only four choices to the Blues for the hat team 1: Germany, Spain, England or Italy …

The groups of the Euro
Group A (Rome and Baku) : Italy (host), hat 2 team, hat 3 team, hat 4 team

Group B (St. Petersburg and Copenhagen) : Belgium, Russia (host), Denmark (host), hat team 4

Group C (Amsterdam and Bucharest) : Ukraine, Netherlands (host), hat team 3, hat team 4

Group D (London and Glasgow) : England (host), hat 2 team, hat 3 team, hat 4 team

Group E (Bilbao and Dublin): Spain (host), hat team 2, hat team 3, hat team 4

Group F (Munich and Budapest) : Germany (host), hat team 2, hat team 3, hat team 4

NB: drawing lots on November 30th.


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