Germany calls on Iran to respect "legitimate" protests


Germany on Monday urged the Iranian regime to respect demonstrations "legitimateAgainst a rise in the price of gasoline, marked by violence that killed at least two people.

"We are following with concern the evolution of the situation in this country (Iran), in particular reports of deaths and numerous arrestsSaid Ulrike Demmer, spokeswoman for the German Chancellery, at a regular press conference. And add, "We call on the Tehran government to respect freedom of assembly and expression."

"The people of Iran must have the opportunity to express their dissatisfaction with the political and economic situation, to express their opinions freely and peacefully, to inform and exchange information from public sourcesSaid Chancellor Angela Merkel's spokeswoman.

For its part, France follows "with attention the demonstrations that are currently taking place in several cities in Iran, Said a spokeswoman for the French Foreign Ministry, Agnes Von Der Muhll, "regretting the death of several protesters in recent days". Paris «recalls its commitment to respect for freedom of expression and the right to demonstrate peacefullyAccording to this spokesperson.

Riots in at least 25 cities

Iran has been affected since Friday evening by a wave of discontent caused by the announcement of a reform of the mode of subsidy of gasoline, supposed to benefit the less favored households but accompanied by a very sharp rise in the price at the pump. According to Iranian agencies, at least 25 Iranian cities have been affected by demonstrations or riots, which would have killed two people according to the Iranian media.

From the point of view of the German government, this movement is "legitimate and deserves our respect when people bravely defend their economic and political concernsSaid Ulrike Demmer. "The Iranian government should respond to the current protests with a desire for dialogueShe concluded. Iran has accused the United States of interference. Sunday, the White House had said supportthe Iranians in their peaceful demonstrationsAnd condemnedthe use of force and the restrictions of communicationsAnd the excesses of a power which, according to Washington, "abandoned his people".

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