Government of Ecuador held the title of Independiente del Valle


The president of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, decorated on Monday the members of the Ecuadorian Independiente del Valle, champions of the 2019 South American Cup, with the National Order of Merit in official status.

In an act that took place at the Carondelet Palace, presidential headquarters located in the historic center of Quito, the president congratulated the players for their victory and reminded them of their social commitment to the nation's youth.

“My endearing hug and the gratitude of the whole country. Yes, you have the gratitude of the whole country because we are proud and delighted with the way you play football and fully identified with a country that has people as wonderful as you, leaders and athletes of the Independiente del Valle, ”Moreno celebrated. .

“Do not forget that they are already a legend of Ecuadorian sport and are an example for thousands of children and young people. They have a duty to infect those children with honor, discipline, fair play, dedication and to stay away from drugs, ”he added.

The president, who also had words for the leaders, thanked the coach, the Spaniard Miguel Angel Ramirez, the effort and love for the team, for football and for the young players of an entity that in the last 10 years has gone from Be a small and local club to play their second international final and win a continental tournament.

In this line, Moreno said that "from the sky, Don Jose Teran, the founder of Independiente del Valle, must be very happy that his team, his little team, is now a great American."

The Head of State, who not only spoke about the sporting side of the club, said that it is pleasing "to verify that the administrative management of IDV draws attention not only nationally but also internationally and has been analyzed by several teams in the continent", merit attributed to its leader, Michel Deller.

Finally, Moreno recommended to the players with effusiveness that “never in life should we lose the initial impulse that initiated them in football. To play. Play and have fun. Have fun doing good football. The most important thing is that they have fun doing what they like best. ”

The Independiente del Valle (IDV) won the Argentine Colon de Santa Fe in the final of the South American Cup 3-1 on November 10 in Asuncion (Paraguay).

In the Sangolqui stadium, with a capacity of less than 8,000 people, thousands of followers, and not followers, gathered on Saturday to watch the sports show on a big screen.


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