Grandson of "Don Ramon" reveals touching and unpublished postcard of actors from "El Chavo del 8"


"The guy from 8”Is one of the most iconic and famous series in Latin America, being broadcast today by various television channels.

Such is the case of National Television, which at the end of October announced the return of the series, due to the great popularity of Mexican production in Chile.

In this regard and after the great recognition it has in several countries, The grandson of "Don Ramon" constantly shares unpublished postcards of both Ramon Valdes and part of the "Chavo neighborhood".

As it happened during this day, when he revealed an unknown photograph of the actors in the series, which caused a furor in his fans.

“An unpublished photo! I really don't know where it was taken! But it seems that it is the home of one of the cast members, does anyone know who the others are? Let's see who's cast is in the picture ? hugs to everyone, ”wrote the man next to the postcard.

Check the image here:

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