Hackers steal and sell thousands of Disney Plus accounts


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While Disney Plus (+) achieved more success than even the company itself anticipated, reaching more than 10 million subscribers on the opening day, it was not without problems and controversies. And now, to add more firewood to the fire, thousands of customers went to social networks to to complain that hackers have gained access to their personal accounts.

According to BBC reports, since Disney Plus came into operation, hackers have stolen thousands of customer accounts and put them up for sale in the dark web. Many users published They contacted the company and waited on the phone and online chat services for hours, and many still say that Disney has not yet solved their problems.

From what is heard, it seems that just a few hours after the launch of the service, hackers already put up for sale accounts for only $ 3 dollars. Taking into account that a subscription to the service costs $ 7 per month, it represents almost 43 percent savings, even if it is an illegal operation.

To confirm this information, which was initially made public by Zdnet, BBC was able to find several pirated customer accounts for sale, with the help of a cybersecurity researcher. Thousands of these stolen accounts show the type of subscription the person enrolled and when is the expiration date. In addition, customers say they saw their emails and passwords change.

For his part, the team leader of the CyberInt research team, Jason Hill, said it seems that many accounts were stolen because people use the same passwords for different sites. Hill explained that hackers can get someone's password from a different site that has been previously hacked and then try using it on a new site, in this case, Disney Plus. If it works, they steal the account.

"While many may find it difficult to create a unique password for each online service, password manager services simplify this process and allow you to safely generate and store unique passwords that are difficult to guess," said the expert. The transmission service does not have two-factor authentication. To avoid this and other mishaps, it is recommended to immediately change your password and not use it for different services or platforms.

However, despite this and other problems, Disney Plus started on a good footing and has had a meteoric rise. The Walt Disney Company said the new streaming service, which offers more than 600 television shows and movies, has reached more than 10 million subscriptions since its launch.

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