Hong Kong: Beijing is pleased about the violence escalation


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Beijing is pleased about the violence escalation

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Sonja Gillert

"Gives a hard core that wants to make war with the police"

There is still no sign of the end of the Hong Kong University's occupation. But the protesters fear an uncompromising intervention by the Chinese police, reports WELT reporter Christoph Wanner.

The violence plays into the hands of the Beijing leadership and the prochinese government of the Special Administrative Region. Hong Kong's prime minister Lam uses the situation to stage herself as a caring politician. That sounds almost sneering.

Brunning arrows and barricades that burn up, incendiary devices that protesters throw at police officers. From Hong Kong in recent days come the images that Beijing's propaganda has been drawing for months from the people who previously largely demonstrated peacefully for freedom. The acts of violence and the uncompromising nature of a part of the protesters fit into the narrative of the Communist Party. It plays into the hands of the Beijing leadership and the Prussian government of the Special Administrative Region.

There is no question that the violence on the part of the demonstrators should be clearly condemned. Despite the brutality of the security forces. However, the violence of the protesters does not justify the fact that Beijing continues to repress the call for democracy and free elections.

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Hong Kong's head of government Carrie Lam described the students who had been entrenched in the Polytechnic University of the Metropolis for several days as "rebels". A serious charge that can lead to up to ten years imprisonment. And a charge against people who are fighting to curtail the freedoms they deserve.

Lam uses the situation to portray herself as a caring politician – she has asked for a "very humanitarian treatment" of minors. In addition, the police wanted to solve the occupation of the university peacefully, she assured. That sounds almost sneering after all the brutality of the security forces in recent months. Any basis of trust is destroyed.

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If Beijing really wanted to relax, then it would need a real dialogue. But neither Hong Kong's leadership nor Beijing has yet begun. Prime Minister Lam has not even agreed to the required investigations into police violence.

Instead, the People's Daily, the mouthpiece of the CP, said it would not compromise. The big danger for the entire protest movement is that the calculus comes up. The radical protesters threaten to discredit the movement and thus make the peaceful majority invisible. A tragedy for this democracy.

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