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Hongi for Charles and Camilla


On the third day of their visit to New Zealand, British heir to the throne Prince Charles (71) and his wife Camilla (72) were welcomed by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern with military honors. "With his knowledge of climate change, he is way ahead of his time," praised Ardern Prince Charles on Tuesday after their meeting in Auckland. "We had a fantastic exchange on topics, especially in terms of the environment."

For guests from Europe there was also a traditional ceremony with Maori aborigines. The pair was greeted by the Hongi, who are touching each other's noses. In the so-called Wero Challenge, a Maori warrior laid an arrow on the floor, which Charles, the guest of honor, was allowed to pick up. In addition, the indigenous people offered a ritual haka dance.

Charles later joined a patrol by Auckland harbor volunteers from Sea Cleaners. These collect plastic waste on beaches and off the coasts of the Pacific. While the Royals went for a walk along the Auckland waterfront in the afternoon, several hundred onlookers gathered, including some on surrounding yachts.

Charles and Camilla arrived on Sunday for a six-day visit to New Zealand. On Wednesday, the Waitangi couple is on the program. In the place about 230 kilometers north of Auckland representatives of the British crown and the Maori 1840 signed the oldest constitutional document of New Zealand, the contract of Waitangi. The couple will also visit Christchurch, where a right-wing extremist shot 51 people in two mosques in March. Charles's mother, Queen Elizabeth II, is New Zealand's head of state.

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