Internet: Sweden drops rape allegation against Assange


DThe Swedish judiciary has closed the preliminary investigation into Wikileaks founder Julian Assange for alleged rape. Although the investigators considered the plaintiff plausible, the evidence of a conviction was not sufficient, Deputy Prosecutor General Eva-Marie Persson said in Stockholm on Tuesday.

Assange, currently in prison in the UK, was accused of raping a Swede in August 2010. The today 48-year-old had always rejected the allegations.

Since April, Assange has been serving an almost one-year prison term in the UK for breach of bail. Previously, he had been hiding in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for seven years to avoid extradition to Sweden for the alleged rape allegations.

In the US, the Wikileaks founder is also accused of publishing secret documents and violations of the anti-spy law. The extradition procedure is currently in the UK. In the case of a guilty verdict on all counts in the US, he faces life imprisonment there.

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