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The Italian artist Jupiter Fab opens on Thursday the exhibition "Is this modern society?", Within the new art space in Lobby 33. There are nine large-scale pieces, with acrylic technique and that are part of the project he has had since About three years ago.

With a self-taught vocation, Jupiter Fab He started working murals. The theme that has governed the exhibition is the reflection on society and the way in which technology breaks into relationships between people. The artist's pieces portray public spaces in which the characters that inhabit the canvas are engrossed on cell phone screens. Visually, some of the works highlight the contrast between people painted in colors or in black and white.

In addition to inviting reflection with the creation of the works, Jupiter Fab has sought to generate a space for debate and dialogue with the different presentations of "Is Este modern society? ”That has had around the world. Thus he has collaborated with anthropologists, psychologists and other experts to talk about how this digital tool can generate problems for people, regardless of age. A sensation that some of his canvases and drawings evoke (although this time he will only exhibit paintings) is that of isolation despite being surrounded by people, thanks to telephones. The techniques he uses are acrylic on canvas and drawing on paper, sometimes with acrylic interventions (for contrasts of black and colors).

Human figure

From before beginning this series, the artist frequently resorts to the human figure as a primary element in the works, also with the link with urbanity. Of Italian origin, the painter has lived in Rotterdam, Barcelona and Toronto, in addition to his current residence in Guadalajara. In all these cities he has exhibited and has had parallel projects to the exhibitions, such as workshops, dialogue tables and projects to influence the community. In the big cities, he highlighted Jupiter Fab, it has a greater weight the connectivity with the digital (as in Guadalajara and the app to pay the time when parking in a public place), something that generates greater individualism.

Social art documentary

On collaborations with the community, in Barcelona he collaborated on a social art project from which a documentary emerged, which can be seen online at www.nowpoblenou.org.

The protagonist of the production is the Poblenou area and the problems of gentrification, urban art, the history of the neighborhoods and the link between people and the place.

Another project underway is in Italy, where it coordinates the delivery of workshops of different arts for young students, with the themes of migration and integration.

Recently, Jupiter Fab He was in Colombia to work; after this exhibition he will work murals in Puerto Vallarta and Nashville. In addition to the exhibition in Lobby 33 (which will remain until January), the artist will paint a mural in an adjoining space.


Inauguration of “Is this modern society?” By Jupiter Fab: Thursday, November 21, 7:00 p.m., in Lobby 33 (Av. Patria 1891).

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