Modular helmet Nexx X.Vilijord


Among the new Nexx 2020 products, X.Vilijord, the modular helmet dedicated to trail and adventurers, caught our attention

Well, certainly, this helmet is named after a dark shelf from Ikea. Or if it is not the case, it is not gone far. But perhaps this is to say that the furniture kit and the proud helm of the biker is a serious point: they are both adjustable.

Nexx X.Vilijord: comfort and versatility

Created for backpackers who have to cope with all road conditions, the Nexx X.Vilijord intends to be the best companion of modern day adventurers. And he proves it with all the panoply of attentions that he offers to his pilot. Judge instead:

  • The Air Dynamic System ventilation has two inlets and two air outlets for efficient temperature control.
  • The Winter Membrane controls the flow of fresh air; it is obviously possible to cancel its effect by folding it inwards.
  • The off-road visor, which has a removable expander for increased sun protection, is also designed to channel incoming airflow while limiting noise and aerodynamic noise at high speeds. In the same way, to limit noise, Vortex generators in the chin area and seals around the visor also contribute to the sound reductions.
  • All interior foams feature X-Mart-Dry technology: removable and washable, these items dry twice as fast as regular cotton.
  • The screen is optical class 1, anti-scratch, with a preparation to install a Pinlock. The X-Swift system makes the screen change very fast.
  • The shell is made of composite materials, and has six layers. An internal sunscreen is part of it, filtering 90% of UV.
  • The Nexx X.Vilijord has an excellent field of vision, with wider opening angles of 15% beyond the standard requirements, not to spread like a pancake on the first hurdle come.
  • It is pre-equipped to integrate the Bluetooth X-Com 2 system designed by Sena.
  • The closure is entrusted to a micrometric loop.
  • 3 caps are provided, one for sizes from XXS to S, one for M / L, a third for XL to XXXL.
  • The weight is 1735 grams of fiber, 1660 grams of carbon.
  • Finally, it is certified full and jet.

It's up to you to invent the life that goes with it!

The Nexx X.Vijilord is available now for pre-order, for delivery in January 2020. Prices range from € 449.99 in plain, € 499.99 in deco and € 599.99 in carbon.

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